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Wednesday 16 April 2014

INQ28 Panama Jack part 2

If you've not read part 1 here's a link

After what seemed an eternity but was less then two hours Jack felt a slight vibration under him as the massive ships engines started to fire up, this cheered Jack up no end as he knew this meant the the ship would be moving off soon.

For the first couple or hours after the ship had set off on it voyage Jack had remained with in the container that he had come on board in, but hunger, thirst & bodily needs meant that he had to venture out into the cargo bay.

Al trough Jack knew that if he was found now that the ship would not turn back to Sygies VIII he was still terrified of getting caught not knowing what faith might be fall him so like a thief in the night he hugged to the shadows. 

After an uneventful journey he found one of the lower decks kitchens & grabbed some supplies, he wonder should he try to find a hiding place near to the kitchen but dismissed the idea straight away for fear of being found while searching.

Like vermin Jack spent the first couple of days hiding from the ships crew, only coming out of his hiding when it was absolutely necessary.
Not knowing much about space travel Jack had no idea how long the trip would take & began to feel very lonely & was by now missing the rest of his family now very far away.

On the third day Jack noticed a different kind of vibration running through the ship & started to become violently sick with severer headaches & vomiting, having no way of knowing that this was just a side effect that a lot of people suffered from their first experience of warp travel, after some hours the sickness & loneliness at this point overcame Jack's fear of been found on board the ship & he set out to find someone to help him.

Jack approached the first crew man he seen & told him he was a stole away & that he was very ill, laughing to himself knowing well what the sickness was from the crewman reported to the bridge over the vox's that he come across a young stole away & that the boy been ill was taking him to sickbay.

The next day after some care & a good nights sleep Jack now feeling better was brought before the ships captain who's name was Oliver Panama hearing Jack's story the captain a kindly man felt story for the lad & told Jack that instead of blowing him out of the airlock which is what they normally do with stole aways, that ha could become his cabin boy & run errands for him & when not needed by him could lend a hand down in the engine rooms.

This lead to the crew starting to call the boy Panama's Jack which later was to become Panama Jack a name he carries to this day.
Weather running errands or working in the engine rooms quickly got to know the lay out of the ship & the crew, been slight of build & ambidextrous Jack was of great help to the engine crews able to get in to all those hard to pieces,

Jack always a fast learner got to know all there was to know about the workings of the ships engines in a very short length of time, another thing Jack got to know all about very quickly about down in the lower decks where the games of chance play by the ships crew, something that Jack was to develop a great liking for.

Rising quickly through the ranks by the age of 33 Jack had become the first officer & like the son he never had to captain Panama, eight years later while on a typical cargo run the Hermes came under attack from a dark Eldar raiding party, fast & all as the old ship was there was no way it could out run the smaller slicker ships.
Determined not to to give up their cargo with out a fight captain organised into gangs to fight the Eldar when they boarded the ship & even though they where successful at fighting the Eldar off the price was very high with 22 of the crew killed including captain Panama, who die on the bridge while trying to fight off the Archon of the Eldar party & his court.

Seen the man who had become a second farther to him fall Jack charged straight for the archon & engaged him in hand to hand combat, but Jack was no match for the skilled blade master, with a faint to Jack's right the archon quickly brought his other blade around on Jack's left side knocking the sword from jack's hand. 

As is the cruel way of the dark Eldar thinking he had the battle won the Archon started to toy with Jack flicking out with is sword putting little wounds all over Jack's body with one of these's wounds ruining Jacks left eye, stumbling backwards Jack noticed captain Panama's pistol lying on the floor over to his right hand side.

Knowing that he was about to die Jack dived for the pistol & without even aiming put a lucky shot into the Archon's head, this turned the tied of the fight & the dark Eldar where beating back off the ship, along with Jack there was another 72 crew wounded.

When in the sickbay the ships doctor said to Jack that when they called to port Jack should go about getting an augmented eye Jack thing of the cold cybernetically implanted eyes in his brother all those years gave a sad smile & shock his head, no Doc the eye patch will do just fine

Having no family of his own captain Panama left all he owned to Jack & now a very wealthy man in his own right it is said that Jack is happier winning 10 credits after a night at the gaming tables then making a 100,000 credits on a handy cargo run, now after entering the realms of the inquisition it will be interesting to see what the further holds for Panama Jack.

Coming soon Toco

Thanks for dropping in & I hope you enjoyed the read.

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