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Thursday 27 February 2014

40K CQLG Airbase part 2

As I said in part 1 I was undecided about something on the landing pad & that was if I should have it raised or not, I decided not to raise it as I have a GW one that will be part of this project, so this one & the other one I'm going to make will be on the ground.

So since my last post I've been able to get first pad finished, the gate house done & the 3 watchtowers done as well, now tbh there wasn't a lot in doing the gate house but the towers took a bit of figuring out which was cool.

Now as I promised I'll do a wip on anything that's of my own making if not there will be a link, so without further ado we'll push on starting with finishing the landing pad.

I cut out a base a little bigger then the pad & leaving a place for the steps to go.

I put a bead of painters filler a round the edge to bed the pad down on.

I stuck a few of these to it as well to support the inner of the pad

Here's the pad on the base

Now to build the steps I used cork of these  with some of the same platting for the pad

with the steps in place all that was left to do was to add the other little wall from the GW cities of death sets.

There we have it the finished pad ready to be painted up.

I've got to say I very happy with the way the pad turned out & it cost  very little.

With the landing pad out of the way we'll move onto the gate house.

I changed the building style on this a little bit as I put down the floor & then build a round it.

I glued the two side walls in place so I could get sizes for the other two walls the window cut out in the same as the other.

The door as you can see is dine different from the other buildings in that its cut around the floor.

The roof is just a piece of cork with a few little cork blocks glued on the under side to hold it in place.

Then its just add the matches at the door & window & put the pliant a round the bottom of the walls.

Job done.

Last but not least we've the watchtowers, I felt that the lower frame work for the towers I need something to help me keep everything the same so I made up a couple of jigs.

I started with a rough plan of what I wanted to do, sorry about these first couples of pictures been sideways

here's the two jigs I made.

The first one is the outside profile of the supporting frame

This one is for the cross braces

Use the jig to make the cuts on the braces.

Do the same with this one & when you've got them both cut sit them into it & glue the cross braces to them.

Here you can see one side of the frame  in the jig.

Now removed from the jig you need to make to of these Again sorry about the picture

When you got them made up sit them both into the jig.

Just like you did before glue in the cross braces then turn it over & put the other braces in small fingers will really help at this stage.

The lower frame complete

The distance from outside to outside at the top of the frame above it 42mm so I cut the floor 52mmx 52mm from cork.

on the underside of it we need to make a timber frame

the finished floor.

I cut two strips of thick card one was 25mm & the other was 8mm

I then glued the 25mm card a round the floor.

Keep the bottom of the card flush with the timber under the floor.

Then glue in 4 corner posts these are 40mm long.

The 8mm card glue on flush with the top of the posts.& make up a roof  from card & wood the very same way you did the floor.

The two towers I've since build the third one.

I think I'm save up here.

All taken a part for easy storage.

So thanks for dropping in I hop you enjoyed it & found it useful & please call back again.


  1. Thanks Nigel I'm very happy with how its going so far & really enjoying doing it.

  2. I've to echo Nigel Frank. They are really awesome.

  3. Thanks Anto I hope to have all the parts of this project finished by the end of the week then I'll start the painting.

  4. Looks awesome Frank. Those walls are from the Manufactorum set, right?