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Sunday 2 February 2014

40K The battle for space station Condren

Wow where to begin with this one ? this was the type of game that most 40k players dream of playing out & that few exactly get to do, I'm one of the lucky ones.

The plan to battle it out for a space station, with each player using an army of 3k  made up of nothing but infantry & jump infantry marines, so with the sallies down graded a few years back from their former glory & the red scorpions still very much a WIP I was hard pushed to come up with the numbers.

So with a small band of scorpions lead by Captain Ahab joining up with a Vulkan lead Salamanders force it was time to head to the space station where they would face (Ger) Logan lead wolfs, (Alan) Abaddon' Black Legion & (Pearce) Dante lead Blood Angles, what I wouldn't have give for some terminators at a time like this.

Now as is always the way with games like this there was some changes to the rules, with my favourite been that any model hit by a blast weapon on the outside of the station had to take a t test & if they failed they drifted off out in to space, a great way to take out oblits.

Captain Ahab & a small band of Red Scorpions where on board the Salamanders battle barge the Indomitable Drake hitching a ride back from Onos 4 where they had been fighting the orks together, when the massage came in that space station Condren abandoned while under attack from unknown source leaving behind vital information.

As the barge was only a half days journey from the station Vulkan gave the order to make for it at once.
Docking on the North-East side the two forces made their on to the station, with Ahab heading inside to investigate while Vulkan lead onto the outer catwalks.

It was not long before they realised they where not alone on the station with fighting braking out both inside & on top of the space station obviously someone else wanted what ever information had been left behind.

So while the techmarines set about retrieving as much information as they could out of the computers banks battles where been fought all over the station with many of those on the outside been blasted  off the station to drift into space.

After a couple of hours of fighting with the power starting to fail & the station beginning to become unstable from the damage it was taking from all the fighting the order was given for all units to retreat back to the battle barge at all hast as it was now feared the the station would start to lose it orbit & start to pull apart.

Back on board with Vulkan in sickbay recovering from some wounds he'd taken in the battle, the techmarines reported to Captain Ahab that they had only been able to retrieve part of the information but that they were fairly sure that any of the others on board would have only managed to do the same.

As Ahab looked out the viewing port in to the cold dark of space he could only wonder what information had being on the space station that had made so many people want it so badly.

So my thanks to Alan for his hospitality , to Pearce for organising such a great game, My thanks to Alan, Ger & Pearce for helping to make this game one hell of a blast to play in & my thanks to you for dropping in.


  1. Wow, that's a fantastic looking game, it looks like all the fun.

  2. It was indeed a fun game & proof if its needed that theres nothing wrong with 40k