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Sunday 23 February 2014

40k CQLG Airbase

So with real life getting back out of my hobby I've been able to make a start on the first battlefield project which is going to be an airbase.

What I'm going to have in this will be, 3 billets or huts, a control building, a gatehouse some watchtowers, a hanger & some landing pads along with some chain link fencing.

Some of the stuff I'll be doing is not my idea so here's a link to the site I'm using ( any stuff that it my own idea I'll do a how to wip for of which there is already one here on if it wasn't for ones for the chain link fencing.
As this was my first time doing these & working with cork I fallowed the way they where done to the book, which even led to me braking a golden rule for a builder but as all it cost me was a bit of card & time it not so bad.
Anyway to help you out if you ever try to make these make your huts up & then check the length of the building before you cut the card for the roof, the reason for this is that if the cork your using is ticker it will make your building longer.
I added the two supports into the roof & all these are are the triangles you cut off at the gable end glued together this gives your roof the right pitch, also if I was doing these again I make them about 10mm higher & make the windows a bit bigger so that the wire sat into the opes

Now while some of this stuff might only be usable in certain sets a lot of it will be able to be used in different one & in different type of games which is win win as far as I'm concerned.

To get the ball rolling I'm going to start with a landing pad I'm scratch building, its not finished but that's just because I can't decide on on something, so we call this bit part one.
What you'll need is the lid of the sweet box, some light plastic card & the stiffener from a shopping bag this has like a little diamond design on it.

Us the bottom of the box to mark out the shape, this will be a little bit big but you can trim it down to size.

When you have it fitted mark out the design you want & cut out where you want the panels to go.

Here's my frame work fitted & cut out.

Number your spokes & using some masking tape start to make out your panels making sure to number these as well.

The first panel ready to be cut out

Check to see that it fits ok.

Here's everything dry fitted, now if you wanted you could stop here & start gluing it all together.

But theres nothing like a few rivets to add a bit of detail, so mark & drill out where you want them to go.

With the rivets drilled out for it time to start glue thing in place, but before you do make sure to the lid & the under side of the frame a light sanding.

Also give the back side of each panel a light sanding before gluing it in place.

All the panels glued in.

A gant just to give you some scale.

Now glue in the rivets.
The hellblade comes to try it out, sadly a valk can't land on this but a stromraven can.

Just fill in any little gaps between the frame & the panels with green stuff & this part of the pad is finished.

So thanks for dropping in & I hope to have a post on the finishing of the landing pad up in the next couple of days so please check back.


  1. Damn, that's some good scenery... I always like a good building that models can enter.

    They'd make good scenery for a zombie scenario by the way (hint, hint)!

    (Seriously, make a little zombie scenario. It'd be awesome.)

  2. That's a good idea Marc & I'll be getting back to you on it when I've enough of stuff made up.