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Thursday, 6 March 2014

40K Killteam

I got in a couple of games of killteam with Ger & while there is not as much dept in it as the old 4th ed killteam it good fun none the less & well worth playing.

As I'd a good idea that Ger would go with marines of one kind or another I decided to go with IG to make it more interesting, plus I've not had any guard out in a while so win win really.

So I picked 2 vet squads for my team & kit them out as fallows
2 Sergeants one with a lasgun  one with a shotgun, the one with the shotgun was my war lord.
1 Plasmagun with master crafted ulsr.
1 Sniper.
1 Grenadelauncher.
1 Melta-gun with ignores cover ulsr.
1 Heavybolter
1 shotgun
1 Missile launcher with relentless ulsr.
11 Lasguns.

Ger had 6 Grayhunters, 1 lonewolf & a Thunderwolf.
This meant I'd nearly 3 guards for every marine but could I make it count ? the answer to that was yes & no as we won a game each.

The missions & who's got to do what really matter in this game & that is a good thing as you can end up with a very tough job on your hands no matter what army you've brought along.

Terrain is also very important & you need to have lots of it & to be honest I think spending a bit of time setting up the table will be very rewarding if you get it right, so if you're having a game of killteam keep that in mind.

So with killteam in mind I find I've got another project to add to the list of many & that's to build a Inquisitor warband killteam, with all the different types in the one unit you should get a very good feel of a band specialises which at the end of the day is what killteam is all about.

So my thanks to Ger for a couple of great games & to you for dropping in & if you haven't tried killteam yet you really should.

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