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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Gun emplacements

I'll wish you all a happy Newyear & with the niceties out of the way I'll kick on with what the post is about which is gun emplacements.

Gun emplacements have been in 40k a long time if you used FW rules in your games & imo add a lot to a game, since 6th ed GW have open up these kind of things with fortifications been add to the game we can be faced with all sort of thing on the other side of the table.

If your the sort of guy who does narrative games then all these new fortifications models & rules are most welcome but even if your not that type you still have to admit they are a nice addition to the game.
Anyway its the gun emplacements I'm looking at in this post the av14 ones that can have 3 different type of weapons, a bettlecannon, a punishercannon or a quad-linked lascannons.

From tarantulas to the vengeance weapons batteries I'm a sucker for them, I mean who doesn't love the seen from Aliens where the two guns are pumping out bullets blowing aliens apart left , right & centre, while the lads are watching the read outs gun 1 down to 50% 2 at 35%.

Movies like the guns of Navarone things like these are what GW are telling us are our cinematic goals, do they want to sell us models ? yes but here's the other side of that coin do we want to buy models ?

Well I for one do & did as I picked up vengeance weapons batteries the other day & if I was to play the battle for the bridge mission (that I did two post on on this blog) again instead of using the leman russ I'd be using the weapons batteries as it would just look more cinematic in my mind.

With this kit you get the option to make it with the battlecannon or the punishercannon & my first thought was to magnetise the weapon so as to be able to swap them in & out, so needlessly to say I was very happy to find the  battlecannon the mussel part off the punishercannon fits nicely into it  so that all you need to do is pop this part in or out to change the gun type.

This also leaves with the other part of the punishercannon gun left over for doing other things with which brings me to another point which is this kit, GW put lots of decorative bits in with this kit for you to add on but to be honest I think the weapon looks fine the way it is in the photo so I can see these bits going into the bitsbox.

Next step is to get these bad boys painted up & then into a game where I'm sure they'll be a lot of fun to use & add another element to my army.

Cross the bridge at your own peril, like I've said before its as much about flavour for me as it is anything else.
So thanks for dropping in & please call back soon.

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