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Thursday 16 January 2014

Opening night bugs

I got my first game of 40k in last night with the new nids codex & was over all very happy how it went, I've a lot of ideas running a round in my head as to what way to use it & what type of play style to use.

That you see is one of the good things about this codex, as while like all codex there are some good units & bad units there is really nothing that is so over the top that its an auto take, although I do think you'll be seen a lot of the carnifex.

Now I don't normally put up list as that sort of thing is not want I want from the blog but as it was Hive Fleet Nagaina first time out with the new codex I'll put it up, now as we all know nids don't get much outside of what in their codex but can take fortifications.

So anyway here's the list.

q Tervigon 195pts

Hq Hive Tyrant 165pts twin-linked devourers 15pts

Tps 15 Termagants 60pts 15 devourers 60pts

Tps 5 Genestealers 70pts Broodlord 60pts

Tps 15 Hormagunts 75pts

Els 3 Zoanthrope 150

Els 2 Venomthrope 90pts

Els 1 Venomthrope 45pts

FA 3 Shrikes 90pts barbed strangler 10pts

FA 10 Gargoyles 60pts

FA 10 Gargoyles 60pts

HS 2 Carnifex 240pts 4 twin-linked devourers 60pts

HS 2 Carnifex 240pts 4 twin-linked devourers 60pts

HS 3 Biovores 120pts

Landing pad 75pts

Total 2000pts

I was up against Ger's chaos space marines & its a hard enough list with a biker lord in a squad of bikers all with MoN A couple of hellbirds a few squads of plague marines some oblits & havoc's, we played at 2k but only used one FOC.

As readers of this blog will know I don't do battle reports unless I turn it in to a story (which I like doing) so I won't be doing one on the game, but I will say that as always with Ger it was a very enjoyable game.

Did I get a few things wrong ? you bet I did, but I do that all the time anyway lol, the couple of high lights of the game was Ger rolling on the chaos table & getting something that meant if he pulled off a successful DTW roll the model that casted the power took a s6 ap2 hit, needless to say Ger put this to good use the second time putting a wound on my tyrant.

The other highlight was when in cc with even through I'd killed him he'd gotten a wound on the tyrant with the black mase which meant I'd to take a T test for which I rolled a 6 & died, have a look again at the name of this blog lol.

So I finish up by thanking Ger for a great game & my thanks to you for dropping in & please call back soon,

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