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Monday 6 January 2014

40K Nids inbound

Only a few more days until Hive Fleet Nagaina evolves & expands & to this end I've already started.

Here they come
 I'm not sure where to go new model wise as while GW as done well with some of the kits like the guants & the 2 fex pack I'm not happy with the fact that the new Haruspex/Exocrine cost more then the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit with is a bigger kit & has more parts.

A face only a mother could love
Same thing with the Harpy/Crone kit agaisnt the Tyrant/Swamlord kit as the difference here is 18euro I see some conversions in my not to distant future.

To the skies
One for the great things about nids is that unlike IG's where a Russ is a Russ a Harpy in hive fleet Nagaina does not have to look the same as a Harpy in hive fleet Leviathan & so as a player who is not into tournaments I can let my little mind run mad.

That's got to hurt
I still use my converted fex as a tervigon & the model I made up today will be my version of a well know nid.
So until I get what I want done up for my hive fleet I'll be trying hard to put all other modelling projects on hold.
Pretty in pink
So thanks for dropping in & lock & load those lasguns as the feeding is about to get under way.

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