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Sunday 25 August 2013

How to table

A common problem for table top gamers is that their table at home is not big enough & this is not surprising really as a lot of games are played on a 6x4 table.

So unless your one of the lucky ones that have a gaming room that you can have a 6x4 table in it or have a unusually big table, you need away to make the table bigger.

My table at home measures 35.5 " x 71" which while spot on for length is a foot to narrow, to solve this problem a lot of players have a 6x4 sheet of MDF which they just sit on top of their table but not everyone has the space to store such a large sheet.

There is thankfully another answer to the problem & its called click flooring.

Make sure if you using the table at home for gaming that you cover it first no matter which way you go about using it, as a mark on the table can lead to a ban on using it again & worst.

The flooring I'm using here was about 15euros in B&Q for the pack & simply clicks together & once put together will stay that way so you don't have to worry about it coming apart mid game.

My playing area has now gone from 35"x 71" to 51"x77" which is now big enough to play most wargames on, also if your using a 6x4 gaming mat you'll have a little room around the edges so a model right at the edge won't be as likely to get knocked off.

Then when your game is finished just unclick the boards from one another.

Always take time & care when your putting the boards together & taking them apart not to damage the edges as this will stop them going together as well the next time yous use them.

Then simply put them back in their package & store them under the bed or out in the shed or where ever, but make sure its somewhere dry.

Thanks for dropping in & I hope you found this little post useful.


  1. Like all good ideas Lenny its simple.

    1. Gosh. This just proves we over engineer things.
      Plans and designs for clever modular boards, that can be stored and fit things.

      And along comes some clever ****ing sod who does this! :D

      Cheers Frank, I'll DEFINITELY be stealing this idea! :D

    2. Flattery will get you every where Anto lol this one seems to be one that a lot of people are happy with.

  2. Cool idea. I likes.I may have to invest !