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Saturday 17 August 2013

A C.A.T in a Spacehulk

Mission Time 2.47
++ C.A.T.located at grid Omaga-three delta unable to upload date so will have to bring it back with me ++

Mission Time 2.51
++Picking up a lot of lifeforms moving into Omaga two dalta & Brava six orion sending in second squad to help with retraction proceed with caution squad leader ++

Mission Time 3.08
++ Can hear scouring up a head in the dark enemy contact imminent  Valencio, Deino check that room out on the left Zeal Goriel with me ++

Mission Time 3.22
++ Under attack from all sides brother Goriel down what is estimated link up time with squad Grideon ++

Mission Time 3.23
++Squad Gideon what is your current statues ++

Mission Time 325
++ Progress slower then expected area badly infected many enemy dead also have to be mindful not to get cut off from behind estimated link up time 13.48 minutes ++

Mission Time 3.29
++ Have cleared out a lot of the enemy & pushing ahead to link up point no further loss to report, brother Zeal has set one of the passage ways that the enemy where using to enter this section a light with his heavy flamer so should keep entry point blocked for awhile, brother Deino is covering the back door.++

Mission Time 3.33
++ All is going according to plan resistant minimal, can hear the sound from squad Gideon shooting now ++

Mission Time 3.36
++ Enemy pressure from behind building brothers Valencio & Deino standing fast to their duty very close to link up with squad Gideon. ++

Mission Time 3.38
++ Link up complete, can now divert to hold & retreat tactics E.T.A. for full withdrawal 3.51 ++

Mission time 3.42
++ Both squads now in sector  Brava six orion  now entering the final stages of the mission enemy forces multiplying rapidly, brothers Noctis & Scipio standing firm to keep the exit point open all other units in full retreat.

Mission Time 3.48
++ Brothers Noctis & Scipio are down both died a good space marine death may the blessed Emperor receive their souls ++

Mission time 3.51
++ Mission complete the C.A.T. & all remaining units now safely off the hulk ++

My thanks to Lenny (who'll be doing a report on theses games on his own blog so keep an eye on it)  for two very enjoyable games of spacehulk, also my thanks to Darragh as the style in which this battle report was done was inspired from a report on his blog

Thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it & ye all come back now.

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