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Friday 9 August 2013

How to combi melta's & flarmer's

This time out I'm going to make a couple of combi weapons for marines who by the way will be getting a new codex soon.
So to do this conversion's I need 2 bolters 1 flamer & 1 melta-gun

Starting with the flamer I cut off the fuel tank cut off the mussel & cut off the top piece of barrel, next I cut the mussel off melta & cut the mussel off one bolter & magazine casing off the other, what your left with is in the picture below.

I also cut the half cylinder off the melta-gun but I did so after the picture above was taken so you'll need that as well, now glue the melta mussel & the magazine casing to the what was the flamer like below.

Now for the combi-flamer remove the little ignition part & pear the area where it was so that the mussel off the bolter can be fitted into it.& glue it to the bolter along with the half cylinder from the melta-gun like in the picture below.

Now that wasn't to hard was it ? if you want lto do a combi-plasma here's a link to an earlier post I done on them.

 All 3 guns together & below some pictures of them on Captain Ahab for the Rad Scorpions 6th company.



Thanks for looking in & I hope you found the post helpful & please drop in again.


  1. Too much effort, I'll just buy the new Sternguard instead. :)

  2. Sorry Lenny I forgot to add at the start of the post that a little efford was needed lol I'm sure GW will gladly take your money.