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Monday 29 April 2013

Going out on a high

At one point in the hobby tournament play was for me a very big thing & I really enjoyed going to them & competing, taking the best army I could come up with & trying to battle my way to the top.

 That is after all what tournament play is all about in my mind any way, I know there are players out there that go for other reasons but for me the real kick came from trying to be the best.

Then one day for no apparent reason that to be honest even to this day I could say I lost my love for tournaments, I had won a few but I was never a good enough player that I could say it just got boring win or anything like that.

No for some reason it just wasn't what I wanted any more, I still went to them for a while after even managing to win my first best army with my beloved Wordbearers before I stopped going all togerther.

After a couple of years I went to one a reason that has been gone over before on this blog so I'm not going to go over them again, I've gone to maybe 5 or 6 since then but but try as I may I just can't seem to get the bug for tournaments back.

I'd even gone to the bother a while back of making up a half decent list to take but over the weeks watered it down until it had one or two nasty units but over all it was meh.

So first up was Dan using GK with 3 landraiders an Inquisitor & 15 termi's with the main mission 3 objective, the last time I'd played Dan he was using nob bikers & I'd nicked a win there was to be some revenge for Dan here with his last termi making a last turn 7" charge to draw the main mission with him winning it on the other things.

Next up was more GK's with 3 landraiders but no termi's main mission kill points, the only time I was to see these gk's was on turn one when they got out to shoot my daemon princes before getting back into the raiders that just went a round killing stuff.

Just one of those games that can happen at tournaments Chris did what he had to do to win but a game that both players forget as soon as it's over.

Next up was Tau with the new dex in use as it was out a full month before hand I can only put the reason for it been a permitted inthe tournament down to the fact that the TO is a big fish type people fan & was using them as the by buster list.

This was again main mission objectives & then the other things as well.
John lined all his Tau up & I did what I do a lot of the time when I play Tau I just rushed across the table to assault them.

You really can get across the table so fast in 6th ed & this was not good news for the Tau.

This was to all so turn in to a very one sided game with me tabling poor John

 The Tau should have know the red light spells danger John, a
So ended day one with two more games to come tomorrow with the first one against Lenny a club mate.

Above Lenny's mascot & below mine.

Sadly I can't bring mine to a tournament sorry girl.

Lenny & myself had squared off in the club only a little over a week before with two very similar lists & had had a good game so here was hoping for more of the same.

Lenny has a lovely flesh tearers army & likes to get stuck in as do I.

My DP's seemed to have gotten the idea over the weekend that when ever someone shoots at you in the sky just pull in your wings to make yourself a smaller target, the problem with this is they fall out of the sky went they do it.

Lenny never got to get into combat with the DP's as I thing they left the powerarmour I'd payed for for them & I'd say he'd wished with would have been the same with the spawns.

This was a real ding dong of a game that was to go to the wire on turn 7.

But sadly for me it was to go in Lenny's favour, but in games like this no one loses as there always great fun.

Two nicely painted armies who said pretty boys can't fight.
So we came to the last game with me going up against the by buster list.

But this it not one of those give me by busters lists oh no this is Paul playing his newest Tau list.

This was my 3rd game with Tau since their new dex came out but I knew this would not be like the other two.

So I just did what I usually do with Tau I just line up for the rush across the table,

Only problem was this game was down the table not across it, but to tbh it wouldn't have mattered.

This was a lesson in what the new Tau can do & it's fairly effective & I'm sure Paul will have a lot of fun & will very well with them.

 So all in all some very different games over the weekend & a tournament I needed to go to to quieten a inner daemon once & for all, for tournaments like anything else in life that you decide to give up will at times be missed.

This is the right time & way for me to once & for all give up tournaments as it means my last game was with a club mate who is one of the very best players out there, now admittedly wasn't like older times when we played in tournaments on the upper tables but for me its a good way to go.

It also means I walk away from tournaments as a winner as I won the best army award so all in all not a bad way to go.
Below some more pictures from other tables.


  1. Brings a tear to my eye Frank. You're some legend, and we'll never quite see someone to match you again. Hats off to you bud.

  2. Never say never mate ;-) who knows what way the wind might blow in the future. My love of tourneys is very much down to you and Paddy so I thank you for that and look forward to some good games in the club where winning is not necessary for a good game :-)

  3. Thanks lads but now really is the right time for me to go out.