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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

How to chainlink fences

With Halfords selling a little sheet of very fine mesh doing chainlink fences has never been easier.

 Cut a base 6" by 1" & three pieces of balsa wood 50mm

I drilled three holes in the base where the posts are going to go the reason for this is to get a better bond between the posts & the base.

Next shape the base as nothing looks worse then square edges 

I use some lego to set the posts plumb.

As you can see the lego does a good job of setting the posts plumb.

If you want to paint the mesh glue it on before this stage, I just spray it brown

Next step is to get the base done

When cutting the mesh I fined it hand to put a bit of tape on it for marking where to cut.

Job done 6+ cover save FTW lol

I'll give the mesh a brown wash to make it less new looking

 These fences can be used in a lot of different games

I'll do a how to on the little buildings in another post


  1. Very nice indeed Mr. Frank, and looks really easy to do.

  2. Really simple and cool looking technique Frank

  3. Thanks guys its good to get feedback as it lets you know what other people think of the stuf your doing.

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