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Sunday 5 May 2013

The pen is mighter then the paintbrush

I've been asked many a time about doing writing on models ever since I did my Wordbearers army.

Now to be honest this was all done with paint,a brush that I altered & a lot of hardship.
Since then however I've found an easier way to do this which I'll let you in on.

This little fellow which I got in Easons book store for a couple of Euro's

It really is the ideal tool for the job thanks to it's very fine tip.

You can writhe very small with this thing if you need

Or you can just do a load of squiggle's that are so small that they'll look like writhing

The little pen is also very handy for doing eye's, just paint the eyeball white & then put a little dot in the middle with the fine nib on the pen.

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