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Thursday 11 April 2013

My INQ28 warband profiles & I take on the Tau

With our first game of INQ28 just under two weeks away I've been among other thing's doing a little bit on my warband with their profiles finely done & the painting moving a long at a nice pace.

 With 3 of the models fully painted I need to decide what way I want to do the bases, but with me doing GM  for the first couple of game's & with only one game a month I've plenty of time to make up my mind but like all modellers I'm always working on a few things at any one time so it would be nice to have them done & off the table.

 So first up I've got my Inquisitor, yes he's small


Name Guiller Capetillo

Left handed

Psyhic Shield

ws bs s  t  i  wp sg nv ld sp
WS/43 BS/53 S/25 T/38 I/52 WP/88 SG/77 NV/31 LD/71 SP/4

Special Abilities
Lightning Reflexes

Ranged Weapons
Mars Lasgun

Close Combat Weapons

! Frag Grenade

Next up we have a member of the Ecclesiarchy & the best all rounder of the group

Drill Abbot

Augustine Greek

Right Handed

WS/41 BS/57 S/53 T/56 I/57 WP53 SG/39 NV/56 LD/60 SP/4

Special Abilities
Force of Will

Ranged Weapon
Duelling Pistol

Close Combat Weapon

1 Frag Grenade
2 Flamer Reloads
4 Pistol Reloads

2 Head, Chest, Abdomen, Groin & Legs

Now for the muscle men of the warband

Body Guard


Right Handed

WS/41 BS/28 S/63 T/75 I/29 WP/30 SG/35 NV/58 LD/38 SP/2
Special abilities
Furious Assault

Ranged Weapon
Heavy Stuber

Close Combat Weapon

2 Reloads
Crude Bionics

Armour 3 Groin & Legs

The idea behind this guy is he was a rich big game hunter before joining the gang


Bror von Blixen-Fineke

Right Handed

WS/45 BS/65 S/45 T/46 I/43 WP/41 SG/55 NV/35 LD/62 SP/3
Special abilities
Rock Steady Aim
Deadeye Shot

Ranged Weapon
Hunting Rifle
Auto Pistol

Close Combat Weapon
Stort Sword

Tanglefoot Grenade
2 Manstopper rounds & 1 reload for Rifle
2 Autopistol Reloads

1 Head, arms, Groin & legs, 3 Chest & Abdomen

The last member is a servitior & that's just because I love servitior's



Right Handed

WS/50 BS/35 S/60 T/54 I/34 WP/31 SG/53 NV/69 LD/46 SP/3

Special Abilities
Nerves of Steel
True Grit

Ranged Weapon
Triplex Lasgun

Close Combat Weapon

Average Bionic Eye including Laser Sight
Smoke Grenade

Armour 2 Head, 1 Chest, Abdomen Groin & legs

Below  are some pictures from my game against Ger's Tau it was his first time using them although he's had them for a while, as it would have made no sense to learn the rules for them a couple of months before the new dex.
I just went for the old fashion rush across the table job

Thses guys I use as spawns

These two where maulerfiends

The rhino was a rhino lol
Some of the fish type people deploying
My deployment from a far as Ger carry's on deploying
Like I said  i just rushed them
It really is a mazing how quick you can get a cross the table these's days
Just to prove that despite popular belief I don't always  roll ones yes the white dice is a six as well 
It quickly became a Tau worst nightmare 
Crunch  crunch
It just won't die
But they will
They might not have died in the explosion but that won't help them
My thanks to Ger for the game & I'm sure the Tau will get some payback soon enough

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