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Friday 5 April 2013

A Night in the Shack

A long time ago in the way back when in a picture house now closed down I use to go to the late night show on a Friday night with my mates.
So typical night Friday night would be playing cards & then off to see a movie in the Fairview, now as often as not I would fall a sleep half way through the film as late night films could be anything really you just had to take the good with the bad.

So this Friday night the movie is Starwars by this time it is probably finished showing in the picture house's as was the norm for the late night movie, & even though I've always being big into scfi I hadn't seen this film as after all it's a kids movie with silly robots right, so I agreed to tag a long happy in the knowledge that if it crap I could always go a sleep.

So I'm sitting there with coke, (drink kind) popcorn & the rest of the usual goods the film starts with A New Hope coming up on the screen fallowed by the rest or the writhing & then the camera seems to pan off into empty space with a ship then coming onto the screen with laser bolts  flashing by it & been shot out of it.
This is then fallowed by a try-angler point that then spreads as the star destroyer chasing the smaller rebel  ship starts to cover the whole screen & I'm a Starwars fan hook, line & sinker.

Now why am I telling you all this ? well it just so happens that last night I headed down to that part of south county Dublin where men seem to have an unnatural fondness for sheep to have a game of x-wing with Nigel in the shack.

I hadn't played this game before & as all the models are already painted there is no hobby end of this game to enjoy doing but the models themselves are cool  after all this is Starwars, so I was always going to enjoy this no matter what.

But truth be told just as with the movie all those years ago I fond the game to move along at a good pace & to be a fun & very enjoyable, & just look at the ship in the picture above who doesn't love the falcon.

So the set up was Nigel with the falcon & an x-wing against my x-wing & two a-wings, another big bonus for me with this game was the fact that there are no one's on the dice.  

What was my take on the game ? well it's Starwars so for someone like myself the models would be worth getting even if I never played but it really is a game well worth playing.

We fallowed Starwars up with another game I hadn't played before the card game of Blood Bowl, I'd played the real thing before but not this needless to say I picked the chaos team & the four of us had a good laugh punching each others players out of the game.

Just as with my trip to the Fairview picture house all those years ago was well worth it so was my trip down to the hobby shack last night where apart from playing games I also got a change to catch up with some other guys I don't get to see to often.

So my thanks to Nigel for the game of Starwars, to Mat, Nigel (again) & the Scotsman (I'm hopeless with names) for the game of Blood Bowl & as I was in the town where NWG take's place for anyone who has put up with my waffling to get to this stage of the post a sneak preview of one of the terrain pieces I'm working on for my alien table with is my NWG challenge.

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