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Tuesday 16 October 2012

How to capillary tower

I'm going to do a walk through of how to make a capillary tower forge world use to make models of these but sadly no longer do, the rules for them can be found in IA4.

You'll need the fallowing insulation from, paper, (apage from a copy wi'll do) some light cardboard a couple of nids parts, pva glue, painters mate & something to base it on.
Start by cutting a piece of form 100mmx50mmx50mm then shape it into a cone like shape.

Next paint the cone with pva glue & then rap the sheet of paper of paper around it & leave it to dry.

Then cut a piece or cardboard 90mmx40mm then make a line length ways down the centre then put a mark
5mm each side of the line at the top & 10mm each side of the line at the bottom.
next measure up 15mm 17mm  draw two lines across the piece of card, then measure up 13mm & 15mm from the 17mm line & draw to more lines across the card.
Keep doing this reducing by 2mm each time until you get to nine then reduce by 1mm.

 Starting from the top number the pieces & then cut across lower line of each piece.
When the paper is dry on the form cone you'll need to cut a couple of mm off the top & cut the bottom at a slight angle leaving it longer on what will be the backside.

 Now draw straight line down the centre of the backside, measure up about 70mm & glue the first piece of card on using the 70mm mark as the top point & keeping the centre line on the card in line with the line down the backof the cone.

Now give it a light covering of pva gule & stick it to it's base & leave it to dry, when dry cut the two hooked parts off the nid piece below & cut a few horn pieces of spape arms & glue them to the lower plates on the back of the tower & glue a few of the horn pieces to the front.

 Paint & base it your colours & there you have it a capillary tower, now you can infest a few worlds.