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Thursday 4 October 2012

Ironfist rides out

Jarl Thorgren Ironfist sat on his mighty thunderwolf Bofelt with a feeling of dread hanging over him that he just could not shake, even his  pack of Fenrisian wolf seemed on edge as if they knew something was going to happen.
Since landing on this world it was as if bad luck had decided to fallow them & if the men of the space wolves chapter were anything they were superstitious, once again unconsciously his hand went to the wolf tail talisman that hung on his belt.  
The sooner the better the thunder-hawk gets here he though to himself.
Bofelt gets ready for the charge 
Then the voice of Jannak in his ear brought his thoughts back to reality :sir were picking up multi-able lifeforms approaching from the north-east:then as if that was some kind of single other squads from all different parts of these ruins they been searching started reporting the same thing.
All squad this is Ironfist take up firing points, can anyone confirm what's out there yet, his answer was the sound of missiles been fired by one of the longfang squads.
Ironfist this is Berhim we have visual its Tyranids sir.
Pink is the new black

At the same moment the sound of the engines could be heard as the two razorbacks started to move out from the ruins so as to get lines of fire with their twin-linked assault cannons, now the sound of bolters ringing out all around as the tyranids start to brake cover & advance towards the space wolf's.
Upon seen a brood of termagant armed with devourers Iornfist thunder forward on Bofelt with the pack of wolves dashing along at his heels, rapidly covering the ground & smashing into the brood who could no more then to snapshot at great beast as he covered the last few yards.
What this way comes
Next a large cloud of flame & smoke rose into the sky from one of the razorbacks that had been targeted by a brood of hive guard causing it to explode showing a near by squad of marines in flying parts that luckily enough bounced harmlessly off their power armour.
By this time the tyranids where swarming in on all sides & in such number that even the whirlwind firing blind from deep with in the ruins couldn't miss,but as fast as the marine where cutting them down their dead bodies hadno sooner hit the ground when they were trampled over by the one's behind.
Meanwhile on the other side of the ruins from where Ironfist was lock in combat squad Jannak think they were starting to get the upper hand advanced out of the strong hold supported by a squad of terminators, backed up with cover fire from a squad of longfangs  & the remaining razorback.
It was a mistake that was to prove costly. 
A mistake

Out of nowhere a brood of ymgarl genestalers launched an assault on one of the longfang squads but where quickly beaten back by these wile old veterans, all so Ironfist & his wolves had dwindled the termagants down to the last few but not without some losses with half of the pack lying on the ground either dead or dying.
The hive minds wiliness to just waste lives to reach it gold was starting to take it toll on the  space wolves through, as with the more bodies they were losing the less effect their firepower was plus the whirlwind had been damaged & could no longer fire.
The two longfang squad seeing squad Olsan coming under fire from a brood of warriors & be cut down to half their size, opened up on the warriors killing them all but one, while squad Olsan rapid fired bolter shot after bolter shot in to the hive guard bring one of them down.
Lets put some heat on these guys

On the other flank squad Jannak opened fire on the remains of a brood of hormagaunts who had a warrior prime in toe killing all the hormagaunts before assaulting the prime while the terminators finished off a brood of termagants.
It seemed that this flank was fairly clear of tyranids & that the space wolves where firmly in control,but it seemed on one had told the prime that as he started cutting down squad Jannak & from the foliage yet more tyranids started to appear.
Still he fights on
With the remaining retreating stealers after entering the combat & finishing off what was left of the pack of wolves it seemed that Ironfist was doomed, but this only severed to get Ironfist's hackles up & even wounded he cut the the last of the stealers.

The last warrior was then cut down by squad Olsan just as the sound of the arriving thunder-hawk started to be heard while the other razorback came under fire from the two hive guard shacking it quite badly.
Now just as it seemed that Ironfist would brake free from the few termagant that was left to regroup with the rest of the force he got buried under a sea of hormagaunts, so fell the mighty wolflord.
While on the other flank a similar faith was to befall squad Jannak while the terminators could only stand there & watch as they could not get there fast enough in their bulky armour.
Squad Jannak meet their end
All that the rest of the spacewolves force could do now was to board the thunder-hawk that had just landed; they would not forget their falling dead & would drink beer & sing songs about them long into the night.



  1. Poor Wolves are not having it their way on Coronus :-(

  2. Nids on the other hand are clearly broken in 6th lol

  3. LOL No not really John as we didn't kill enough of them what you read here is just me trying to tell a story it might not always reflect the result of the game which was won by Ger.

  4. Good story Frank. Great game as all ways and I was chuffed at temporarily stalling the Nids advance on Coronus.

  5. As long as it only temporarily stopped the hivemind can live with it Ger lol