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Friday 12 October 2012

The abandoned power plant

On board the the battlebargde Emperor's Light inquisitor Coteaz set up in his bed on hearing the know on 
his door.
Enter he called out & the ship's captain  walk in carrying a file under hi arm.
Sorry for disturbing you my Lord (Coteaz was still recovering from his near death experience he had suffered 
on the planet below at the hands of the nids) but we've intercepted this massage that was been transmitted 
from the planet it was in binary  but we have decoded it.
Its a Necron report on a battle that took place at an abandoned power plant involving the hive fleet you had
your own encounter with.
+++++ Planet Corona Secundus 
+++++ Date 739/2556/00868  
+++++ 25 North 74 South
+++++ Abandoned  power plant 
+++++ Encounter Tyranids
Hive fleet Nagaina head for the plant

+++++ First knowledge of enemy was barrage of biomass explosives & solid organic missiles that were absorbed by living metal
+++++ Monoliths took up firing formation over power plant & open fire paeticle whips & gauss flux arcs neutralizing many of the tyranid lifeforms
Nids don't kill these things

+++++ Life forms known as raveners where first to brake thought fire lines & assault lord & writhe, the attack quickly repelled with these lifeforms neutralized
+++++ More life forms made planet fall by way of organic spores, these been pyrovore & termagants with the devourer biomorph lifeforms
the devilgants have landed

+++++ Pyrovore lifefrom sported flamen liquid over over destroyers but had no effect, this lifeform was then neutralized  
+++++ Termagants lifeforms fired on lord & writhes shutting down all units, to leave the lord as a lone unit
+++++ One destroyer unit was shut down by shooting from the hive guard & warrior lifeforms 
+++++ The plant seemed to still be producing power as was evident from the power arks that was seen lashing out at units & life forms indiscriminately 
+++++ The Monoliths reinforced by two night styits units where destroying life forms in large numbers but more just replaced them
Release the pain 

+++++ The lord together with a c'tan shard unit tried to gain entry to the main building but where set upon by a large brood of the hormagaunts life forms & a prime life form, the lord cut down the prime lifeform before both units where shut down by the swarm hormagaunts lifeforms
He fought a good fight but not even Paul can make the saves need here

+++++ A life form know tervogon which was reproducing many of the Termagants life form was given target priority & eventually killed
+++++ Warrior units did enter some of the buildings but discovered nothing
+++++ With more & more of the lifeforms poring into the plant it was decided to withdraw all units
The crons withdraw leaven the plant to the nids 

Coteaz put the file down & not for the first time wondered just what it was that had drawn so many races to this planet, but he was determined to fined out. 

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