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Monday 24 April 2017

Prop's, The devil is in the detail.

I've been over the last while been trying to get more detail on to my table top as the little thing's can help bring a scene to life just as much as the bigger thing's.
Once upon a time to create a village it probably wouldn't have been much more the the few buildings.
But over time I've started adding things like the back drop & while thing like that help it's
really the as my mate Darra put it the lived in things that bring it to life.
It's market day or so I'd like to have you believe & for sale are your everyday things
& people are about either buying or selling.
Were lucky in these days that there are lots of places doing detailed stuff like those in the picture's above & these are from here not to be miked up with the 40k frontline.

Before I finish up I just want to show you these pamtree's I got, you seen the one on the clear base above in a picture & it's what I'm calling the finished pamtree.
The picture's aren't really shown up what I wanted you to see, but they are the same models only the one on the clear base has had a yellow wash over the trunk & a black wash over the pam's, the wash's really help to do away with the plastic look imo giving the tree a more natural look about it.

That's a rap for this post, the next one will be chapter 1 of the long awaited (well for me at least) Heart stone of Africa, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Great stuff! I really need to do more of this myself. Also...where did you get the backdrop from?

  2. Thanks Gordon, I picked it up in a petshop mate, it was bigger as it's meant for the back of tanks, I just cut that part off it as the rest was more close up & wouldn't work scale wise.

    1. I shall have to keep my eye out...looks just the job!

  3. Fantastic pieces Frank! The details are hands down the most important aspect of any game/table I create, it is in direct correlation to the narrative I'm trying to achieve :) Those pieces have a ton of narrative about them!

  4. Thanks Ivor, they can make all the difference between a good table & a great table.