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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tricol, Election day

In the run up to the elections the opinion polls had Von Bittner well ahead so it looked like Governor Jardine had it all to do on the day.
The Election day has come at last, now to win the votes.

Von Bittner was out early by the looks of things. 

Things look a bit brighter for the Governor despite the polls.

The citizens are heading for the voting stations. 

Not like the Governor's daughter to be about this early in the day.

Will justice for all mean votes for Jardine ?

Just like the polls the dice favoured Von Bittner

Von Bittner goes looking for a vote but this little guy is not sure, he'll have to work harder.

The governor has no such problems.

First vote in the bag VB 0 GJ 1

Another victim I mean voter 

Von Bittner wins him over VB 1 GJ 1

This voter is undecided.

Von Bittner nails another one VB 2 GJ 1

Thank you young lady your vote is most welcome VB 2 JG 2

You'd have to need votes badly to go there.

But the Governor will give his all in the search for votes. 

I know there's a voter around here somewhere.

The Governor works his charm VB 2 GJ 3

The question is will he be able to make himself heard over that terrible music ?

I don't know what Von Bittner said but it looks like this voter didn't agree.

The Governor pules another vote out of the hat VB 2 GJ 4

Next up for the Governor is his daughter, things are really going his way.

Well it looks like Von Bittner has claimed things down.

But still hasn't convinced this voter he's the right man for the job.

The Governor leaps over the small wall.

Your not thinking of voting for him I hope.

At last Von Bittner win's him round VB 3 GJ 4

Oh no it looks like Ximena might well be thinking of giving Von Bittner her vote.

I don't think this is a good time for Von Bittner to stop for a drink.

This is all over that new dress you wanted, isn't it ?

I'll not  hear another word on the matter said the Governor, well then I'll just think some more about who to vote for Ximena replies. 

Thanks very much for the vote & the drink good sir, VB 4 GJ 4

Alright you can have the damn dress, thank you Daddy VB 4 GJ 5

Well of all the cheek, Von Bittner can't really believe he can win the Governors wife's vote

With a lighter heart now that he has Ximena vote the Governor bounds over another wall. 

No say it isn't true Tristbelle, VB 5 GJ 5

Von Bittner can't believe his luck, but there's still more votes to be won.

Back on track, VB 5 GJ 6

If there's any justice I'll be the next Governor, thinks Von Bittner.

How do I get inside ?

You can be sure your vote will be put to good use sir, VB 6 GJ 6

Looks like I'll really have to run for office.

Found it

I'm not sure Governor.

Well if you promise, well then yes, VB 6 GJ 7

Von Bittner see the Governor

& hurls insults at him, something about having his wife I think. 

The Governor try to retaliate, but the news of his wife hit's like a hammer blow. 

Feeling so let down the Governor wonders if its worth the effort.

The hurt really is two much.

But he'll fight until the last. 

Von Bittner collects another vote & its getting near the end of the day  VB 7 GJ 7

The Governor seems to be compounding his problems.

Von Bittner returns & more words are exchanged.

The words hurt.

Save your words for your losers speech ex-Governor. 

I've just time to bag one more.

& so it proves VB 8 GJ 7

The winner ?

The loser ?
The voting is now over with Von Bittner narrowly winning the most votes on Thalassa, but what about the other worlds ? (the readers votes) well it looks like Von Bittner was the man of choice with him taking them 3-1 so the end total is Marco Von Bittner 11 Montague Jardine 8.

Congratulations to Marco Von Bittner Tricol's new Governor.

Designers note, The election was played out using modified PA rules, its funny how sometimes games can writhe their own stories, as who could have foreseen that Jardine's daughter would hold him up so long, while his wife turned out to be the easiest vote Von Bittner picked up.

Before I go I'd just like to thank those who took the time out to vote in a previous post, so a BIG thank you goes out to The Responsible one, The Mad Mek, Joakim Strom ( sorry I can't do the little dots over the o) & Major Guiscard, & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to comment it would be most welcome.  


  1. Congratulations to the new Governor!

  2. Thanks Mek you picked the winner with your vote.

  3. Always happy to help! It's important to vote, even if my candidate didn't win. ;)

    1. That's very sporting of you mate, I sure the ex governor is very grateful for your support.

      Thanks for the feed back.