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Monday 21 March 2016

Fullush Mountains Sector six Rise of Tyranny campaign AAR

Dawn was still a while off when the forces of the 4th Reich came to a halt, they'd rushed through the night to get here & with their objective just a few miles ahead the scout sentinels had sent back word that the enemy was heading in from the opposite diction.

Their Kommander Otto Fulkner had decided it was better to stop short of the objective, 1of the 3 highest points along the Fullush mountains range & be set up to face the enemy then to try to reach it first, failure to prepare is to prepare for failure, let the enemy be the ones that's unprepared he thought to himself as he barked out orders to ready the men.

First could he heard the low growling of the vehicles & then as shadow shapes they started to appear out of the darkness, the order was giving to open fire right along the Reich's line as foot troops pushed forward under the cover of darkness, the night was soon lit up by traces of lascannon fire & from shells exploding upon the enemy tanks.

The element of surprise had paid off with first blood going to the Reich, but the enemy where quick to reply with thunderous fire power of the own & soon the early dawn was witness to vehicles a blaze on both sides & the ground littered with the broken bodies of the dead.

With so much at stake the Imperial forces decided to throw everything they had forward in an effort to try & hit & brake the Reich's lines, but these where crack troops under one of the finest military minds in the Reich's armed forces, the enemy had played right into played Fulkner hands, but it was touch & go for a while with the Kommander' own chimera been destroyed in the fighting.

If however there was one thing that Fulkner knew how to do it was to fight a war, & now he gave the order for his scouting forces to close in outflanking the enemy on both sides to put a squeeze on the Imperials & forcing them to start splitting their fire power taking pressure off the main line, who now started to wipe out the most advanced of the enemy tanks & troops while at the same time starting to move in on the objective themselves.

Shortly after noon the Reich High Kommand in the sector received a transmission, it was simple & to the point, Objective Secured,  Schwarzbar  out.

Designers note, the game played out was a 40K 1500pts  aside battle, using a mission that a long with it's back roun  can be found at as part of the rise of tyranny campaign been run by Major Guiscard so a big thanks to him for letting me take part, this time out seen me take on the part of Otto Fulkner as my guard went up against my son-inlaw's marines, so a big thanks to Ralph for a very enjoyable game, I don't think the dice help you mate.

I'll finish up as always with my thank to you for dropping in & if you care to leave a comment it would be most welcome.


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