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Sunday 13 March 2016

Malathorne Sector Six, Rise of Tyranny campaign AAR

Sturmbannfuher Fulkner we've just just picked up a transmission & traced its origins to map grid reference f56/k38 a location not far from here, its was sent by an Imperial agent claiming to have vital information & requesting immediate evacuation.

Good work Stabsscharfuher, order the man to break camp we must stop this agent from making a report as it could be vital to the invasions plans of the 4th Reich, 40 minutes later he order the company to halt just short of a clearing in the jungle.

Disembarking from his chimera accompanied by members of his command squad they edged forward towards the clearing, stopping just shot of the edge, up a head was what appeared to be a relay station, raising his field-glasses to his eye's scanned the facility, there didn't seem anything untoward about the place, Flukner knew well enough that the agent would not have stayed in the compound but would instead hide out somewhere near in the dense undergrowth of the jungle, they would wait.

The forces of the Reich took up position with the heavy weapons teams finding areas with good firing arcs, they hadn't long to wait the first signs of the enemy where spotted in the shape two small squads of Ratlings who Fulkner knew would have been sent a head to scout out the area, the order to hold fire was sent a long the line.

Then entered the compound with one squad heading for the communications building while the other took to the landing pad, all the time keeping a watch out, their actions where enough to tell Fulkner that he was correct & the the agent was not with in the compound but indeed some place near by.

A low rumbling broke the silence & then they where within the sights of the Reich's forces, pick your targets but hold your fire was the orders to the heavy weapons teams, but the lascannon teams where spotted by the shape eyed Ratlings  & fell to well placed sniper rounds, the battle had begun & the Reich had lost the element of surprise.

Now the forces of the Reich broke cover, supported by the fire from their heavy weapons teams, a large group of native Beastmen who had been aiding Fulkner in scouting out the lay of the land was herded forward by one of the Reich's enforcers into the compound & into the bullets of the Ratlings, as they neared they returned fire taking out the Ratlings on the balcony of  the communications building.

With the game truly now a foot, Otto Flukner as he always did at such times came to life, there's nothing like the trill of battle he would tell you if asked, in his mind this is what he was born for & with deadly precision horned on countless battlefields he commanded his forces as they engaged the enemy, then all of a sudden one of the Imperial chimeras drove forward before turning side on to the Reich forces.

Fulkner knew exactly what the point of this was & as he'd guess a moment later he seen what could only be the Imperial agent brake cover & make a run towards the advancing Imperial forces, while at the same time a vet squad disembarked from another chimera  lending covering fire to the agent who rushed to join them.

You may have your man but you won't be leaving this field of engagement with thought Fulkner to himself, the enemy was putting up a good fight but the Sturmbannfuher knew that victory would be his in that confident way that bordered on arrogance that one would expect of one of his rank.

While slaughter rain all around him Flukner never took his eye of his goal for one moment & while his side was taking losses it was nothing to what they where inflicting on enemy, soon he would have his pray in his hands, & so a short time later it proved to be with the last of the Imperial forces caught in pincer movement they no choice but to surrender handing over the agent their efforts in vain.

Otto Fulkner took in the scenes of carnage all around him full of pride at his latest victory, yes he had loss some man that had been both good & true, but that was a price they where all willing to pay for the honour of serving the 4th Reich, sir we are ready for you to send that massage now said the Stabsscharfuher bring the Sturmbannfuher out of his thoughts.

Designer note, Well that was a close game & very enjoyable to I must say, the game was a 40K one with the mission having only one objective & that was for the Imperial forces to get the agent off their table edge & for the 4th Reich to stop them, it's part of the open of a campaign been run by Major Guiscard over on so my thanks to him for letting me take part.

The game was 1,000pts of guard on guard & ended on turn 6 with  the agent only inches from the Imperial table edge, but could have gone to turn 7 on a D6 roll of 4+ which would have had the result flip to the Imperial side, but as a mate of mine once said to me : it's not that you role low Mr Frank it just that you can never roll what you want : & never was a truer word spoken lol

Anyway I'll finish up with a big thanks & well done to Paddy who took on the roll of  Sturmbannfuher Otto Fulkner for the game & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be most welcome.


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