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Thursday 5 November 2015

Tricol, finding inspiration

To get Tricol off the ground so to speak I had to go with things that would be quick to do as coming into this project I really didn't have much terrain stuff I could use, but the more you get done the more  time you can give yourself on building other things.
The picture is from the Dark Heresy RPG & it's the front elevation of the barking saint bar.
You see an extra building or two or other things like say a park can change the appearance of a place very easy, Malice & San-ta shown in the 2 pictures below use most of the same buildings but I'm sure you would agree look very different from one another, with one on the coast & the other looking very much an inland town.

San-ta on sea

Malice somewhere in the mid-lands 
Now there's been something I want to do for a long time & the picture above is where I got my inspiration from, you see the 40K universe maybe grim & dark but what a lot of people forget is that it's also guffy or at least it was at one point, & while Tricol is not really part of the 40K universe it where everyone came from, anyway that's what this building is all about, will it come off I don't know but I think it might.

I did a little drawing of the face, changing the ears

Cut that out

& used it to draw face onto some cork

cut that out & drill a few holes

added a snout

Started to work on the front elevation of the building

Adding more detail

Yet more detail, I hate the short days.

The front elevation of the soon to be severed head  & for some reason turning the last picture sideways, but I'm sure you get the idea.
So that where I'm at on this build but to be honest I'm liking it, with some teeth added & some lights for the eye's & to cast a red glow on the doorway I think this will work, so hopefully the next time you see this it will be finished.

Well that's it from me for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & please don;t think I'm barking mad lol.


  1. Looks really interesting, will be xcited to see how it develops.

    1. Thanks Dave & if it turns out only half as good as your nid terrain I'll be more then happy.