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Friday 27 November 2015

Setting's, The art of illusion

With models as with anything in life what we see is a very big part of what we believe, ok but we kind of know that already Frank I hear you say & I agree that yes you do, but what this post is about is looking at why with models & if your trying to get things looking as right as you can (in your games or on blogs or whatever) getting the setting right is so very important.

I'm going to start off by giving you a link below to the blog of Major Guiscard, this guy is a master of what I'm talking about, as you'll see if you pop over & look at the invitation post, go on I'll still be here when you get back & we'll talk about what you seen.

Your back I hope as I know it can be very easy to get drawn into the doings of sector six, but on the off chance that you did come back we'll carry on, the post is about an invitation to the up coming Princess Ball, so how did the Major draw us into what he was telling us ?
He started by telling us we where at the home of some well to do & then showed us a picture of 3 models with a floor a wall & to columns or supports whatever you'd call them, now its the picture that creates the illusion of grandeur.

First of all were give the impression that it a very big house, owned by someone very rich, what makes me say he rich ? easy one of the models is a butler, & yet this is only a picture of an very small area, to complete his illusion he then showed us a picture of a invitation, all very cleverly done I think you would agree, but the setting had to be right for us to believe.

Right lets give it a try & see if I can pull it off shall we ? here we go.
Tonight  High Marshal Ulberexis would like to address the citizens of Tricol from inside Government House.

Stop stop stop you scream that's picture doesn't look like the inside of Government house & yes your dead right so lets try it again shall we ?
Tonight  High Marshal Ulberexis would like to address the citizens of Tricol from inside Government House.
 Happier this time round ? I hope so & yet apart from podium  that he's standing behind all I did was change what he standing on & what's behind him, a small area of flooring & timber panelling wall & bingo the illusion is complete.

The floor is from a fantasy movement tray, I was going to use a cheap chess board but when I went to buy one the shop was sold out of them.

The wall is just balsa wood on a piece of cork with two props to make it stand, simple & yet when you put it all together.

Some times it's only little things you need to do this, like the butler in the invitation to make us thing this is a wealthy family.

Well that's it for this time, as always my hanks for dropping in & remember it just an illusion.


  1. Wow!
    I go on vacation for a couple of days, and someone goes and writes a post full of compliments and with a direct link to my humble blog!

    Thanks you so much. You've distilled the idea of sets and focus perfectly. I would add sites that have influenced me:
    The Kingdom of Wittenberg
    He is a master of storytelling, and I stole / borrowed the concept of the "cut scene" post completely from his blog.

    He is part of the whole "Imagi-Nation" movement. They have a collective blog at Emperor and Elector
    Most of the blogs on the right hand side have some sort of continuing story element.

    Also episodic with cut scenes is the Adventures of General Pettygree blog:

    Lastly is the grandaddy of them all "Major General Tremoden-Reddering's Colonial-era Wargaming Blog". It predates the blog era, and can only be found through the internet wayback machine, but it is a true treasure of storytelling, worldbuilding, and hobby exposition.

    Thanks again Frank!

    Will / Guiscard

  2. Thanks for the feedback & the links Will & your more then welcome on the well earned praise, sector six is a wonderful & imaginative place I can only hope that some day Tricol might be half as good.

    As you know everything take's time & afford to do, even the little floor & section of wall I used above took a couple of hours to do, but there done now & can be used in other posts to help create the right illusion.