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Sunday 15 November 2015

Tricol, A meeting with Marshal Merock

With the old sea captain dead the hunt for Tech-priest Darrow had gone well & truly cold, we'll never find him now Elaine Darrow said to Jack when he finished telling her how the hunt for the old sailor had ended.

Come on now said Jack we're not throwing in the trowel that easy, I've a meeting with the Marshal of Abydos tomorrow & Marshal Merock is a very resourceful person I hear so I'm sure that between us we'll come up with something.
Jack meets Merock, & thinks to himself he not as good looking as Marshal Alex.
Captain Panama Jack it a pleasure you said Merock shaking Jack by the hand, Axel has told my so much about you & how you are helping us out in the matter of the missing Tech-priest.
Please just call me Jack  Marshal & I'm afraid I've some bad news as we come to a bit of a dead end so to speck.
In Merock's office in the local Arbites station. 
Yes I've heard  all about the other night & of the death of  old Captain, but I think I might be able to help you out, on that & I also want to tell you bit about the other parties that seem to have an interest in Darrow.

As I'm sure Alex told you the first ships only arrived in the Tricol system a little over 200 years ago, & while there was already life here it was very primitive, now what I'm leading up to is this that while a lot of the land has not been explored it all has been mapped from the air, so I think it's in that way I can help you out.
Merock has the area up on the computer screen waiting to show Jack.
If you have a look at this chart on the screen  I'll explain to you what I believe, now as you can see here's San-ta, the ship that pick up the survivors had sailed from New-Main here & found the survivors here, now knowing what we do of the currant's in that area & from what we could make out from what the survivors said in their delirious state, it's my believe that they came from this island here named Loerlpius.
Merock show Jack the island of Loerlpius on the screen.
Now we know nothing about this island other then that it's volcanic, as as far as our records are concerned it is unexplored, but given all the facts that I have it seems the only logical place they could have come from & to where I think you must head next.

The other parties will work this out for themselves so the sooner you can make for Loerlpius the better, but I'll fill you in a bit on each of them so as to give you a better idea of what your dealing with & who you might be able to make a deal with should the need arise & who not to.

The Bash Street gang is the one you've been having trouble with since you first landed on Shin-Tethys & is lead by a nasty piece of work who goes by the name of  Slick, now Slick is a very cunning guy & very streetwise but it is our believe that there is someone else behind the scene pulling the strings, no matter what happens unless the life of yourself & your crew depend on it, don't make any deal with Slick as he's stab you in the back at the first chance.

Next is the guys from the Severed head lead by Adele Blanc-Sec, it can be hard to workout Aedel as we can seem to find a good reason for her interest in Darrow, unless it'a that she think she can make some credits out of it, or it could be that she in it for the trill of the adventure, like I said it's hard to know, but if you needed to make a deal with anyone Adele would be your best bet.

Last up is the gang of mutants lead by Tuco, now Tuco is really a bit of a lone wolf to be honest but often turns to mutants when he needs helping hands, as Tuco like myself is a mutant, is as hard as nails & a lot more clever then he is given credit for, Tuco mostly makes his living as a bountyhunter & is a very good one, his only interest in Darrow will be hopping to get a reward for finding him, if needs be you could make a deal with Tuco but just keep in mind that if you do that he sell you out if there more credits in it for him to do so.

Unfortunately I think that's as much as I can do for you captain, other then to wish that good fortune rides at your side & that you & you crew return safely to us with Darrow in your keep said Merock leading Jack to the door.

So long & thanks for all your help reply Jack once more shaking his hand, but maybe there's one more thing you could do for me, ask it Merock said.
If you where to pick a ships captain to take you over to the island who would you pick ? thinking about it for a moment Merock answered captain Kandahar & I believe your in luck as his ship only docked this morning if I  correct, but trust no one Jack as the man we believe to be behind the Bash street gang is very powerful & his reach & influence is not to be under estimated.

That's it for this post but before I go I just want to point out a new blog I added to the list above, it's called shed wars & there's some cool things happen over there so why not go have a look, as always my thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it.  


  1. Ships, Volcanic Island, Mutants, and an "unseen Hand"!
    What's not to love?
    Great story

  2. Thanks Wil, as you know the little in-between games stories are good fun to set up & do.