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Wednesday 18 November 2015

Got the blues

It's that time of the year that is for me at least not hobby friendly but I'm still getting some stuff done, I'm finding painting up all different types of things to be like a breath of fresh air, so I'm not coming down with the blues unlike some of the lads below.

I'm finder that a lot of the older GW model's seem to have a lot more character 
& that was definitely the case with this model, I've still to decide on some type of banner for him to be holding, maybe do an add for a fast food joint.  

MC Hammer he can't.
I didn't want to go green with these boys so went with a very dark blue instead & am more then happy the way they've turned out.

How I even came to own some of these models I've no idea

but am more then happy that I do.

Leaving the blues behind we this lad, I want with a gray robe as I think the face on the model give the impression of misery 

& I wanted to try to highlight that fact so what better then gray, the flames are not done overly great, but as I've seen a lot better painters then me have trouble doing flames I can live with it. 

Last on the post is this chap how I think will make a great bouncer on the door of a certain club that's in the works at the moment

I think it's a WMH model but I' not 100% on that.
I really need a better way of doing pictures as the detail on the models can't be seen, where as I see other post stuff & the detailing is more clear then if you where holding it in your hand.
Well that's it for this post as always my thanks for dropping in:-)

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