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Sunday 22 November 2015

Tricol, Braking news Trouble in Dunmarn

For over 200 years the different races with in the Tricol system have lived in peace, tonight that peace was broken with running battles on the streets of Dunmarn between mutants & beastmen, reports coming out of Dunmarn would indicate that the trouble was started by a large number of beastmen, who set upon the small town mainly populated by mutants.
Dunmarn just before the attack. 
The beastmen pour out of the jungle setting fire to the first building they come across.

Trouble this way comes 

Hearing the noise of gunfire & shouts the citizens come on to the streets 
Horrified they grab anything they might use as a weapon 

With no apparent motive for the attack which left many dead & injured & a number of buildings damaged, High Marshal Ulberexis has ordered a full investigation in to the events, but most worrying must be the reports of how well armed the beastmen where.
The beastmen charge any local's that cross their path  
While Ugo-Cal leader of this gang looks down from his high point
Out gunned & out numbered the mutant's put up the best fight they can
As the fighting continues another building goes up in smoke  
With the election's to take place in the next couple of months this will not be news that Governor Jardine will have wanted to hear & will be an issue that Senator Von Bittner his main rival is sure to bring up at the next meeting in the parliamentary house.
The fighting like the fires spreads through the small town
Well armed there is just no stopping the beastmen 
Yet another building & a car are set alight 
At the cantina the fighting is heavy but there's just to many beastmen
& the window is smashed in 
before this building is also set in flames
Main street at the high of the attack
Backed by the powerful business tycoon Airy Shoebridge for the up coming election's, Senator Von Bittner has said he will be demanding answers as to what costed the event's of  tonight & as to what will be done to make sure that the likes of this doesn't happen again.
Ugo-Cal bellows out a roar & the beastman vanish back into the jungle
Leaving the town of Dunnarn 
& it citizens wounded & ruined 
He's also likely to come down hard on High Marshal Ulberexis who is the man responsible for law & order on  Thalassa, something that the Senator think's the Government should have more power over, If indeed the stories about the beastmen been so well armed turns out to be true, it will rise serious questions as the manufacture of arm's is something that is very heavily controlled, while every citizen has the right to arm's there is strict regulations on what type they may have, something else that the High Marshal is responsible for controlling under the right to bear arm's act.

Designer note's, while Panama Jack is far removed from the events above if you've been fallowing a long you might remember the events on the asteroid in which Jack & the crew removed (stole) a few creates which happened to contain weapons.

It seems that something sinister is a foot in the Tricol system but who is behind it all ? & can the council of Marshal's get to the bottom of things & so prevent further happens like what just happened in Dunmarn, to find out keep an eye on if it wasn't for ones & as always my thanks for dropping in.



  1. It's like old grandpa Guiscard said,
    "Just when everything seems to be falling into place, the beastmen and mutants lose their sh*t"

    Great report, will there be a punitive raid?


  2. Thanks Wil, Grandpa Guiscard sure did know his stuff it seems, it's a very sensitive time in Tricol with the election coming up & as nothing like this has ever happen in Tricol before it's hard to know what might happen.