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Tuesday 1 December 2015

Tricol, finding inspiration update

A little while back I put up a post on finding inspiration & how I's come across a picture in a 40K RPG book of the front of a building that I want to base my severed head building on, if you thought ok Franko's lost the plot, that ok I forgive you as my wife thinks I lost it years back lol.

Well this post is really just a little update on my progress on the severed head building & to say I'm happy with it is a major understatement, the building was one of those things that you think wow that would be cool but in the back of your mind there's this little voice saying are you sure & do you really think you can pull this off ?

I think I've dumbfounded that voice on this one & while it's not yet finished the parts that I wondered about are done & I love it pure & simple, it captures all the goofyness that I wanted be yet is still on the right side of believable.

If you don't think something like this is believable have a look at the buildings in the link below, they just might change your mind.

Bet you that took you back a bit ? sometimes life is stranger then everything else, back to my little building the cards are not set up right yet as I need to do some kink of bill board to mount them on, but I just want to give you the idea, I also have to finish the two ground floor windows at the front, plus some stuff on the roof, I might even put some king of advertisement board on one of the side walls.

That it for this post & I will do a post on the finished building, but until then as always my thanks for dropping in.

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