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Saturday 25 October 2014

Pulp alley leaves INQ28 the parting

This is something that I needed to get around to sooner or later the parting from INQ28 to Pulp alley as Panama Jack is a character who first came to life in INQ28 but is the the character I want to use going forward in Pulp alley.

As the Hermes move further away from the planet Ordic II her shields deflecting the fire of the orbital defences it captain Panama Jack laughed as he turned to the person standing at his side & said well Inquisitor it look like were back to where I came in.

It certainly seems that way Jack, this is not the first time you've had to get us off a planet in a hurry replied the Inquisitor & your skill in doing so has been very much appreciated.

A couple of hours later when the danger was pasted Jack & Inquisitor Capetillo held  a meeting in Jack's private quarters, where Jack said to Capetillo, Inquisitor as I said to you earlier this is where I seemed to come in in what is now some 3 standard  years ago I think the time has come for me to take my leave.

Capetillo thought for a moment before he spoke & then said, Jack being in the services of the Holy Inquisition is a demanding job & it's sorry I'll be to lose the use of you & your crew who have been of great use to me over the last few years, but I understand that you want to go back about your own business & will not try to change your mind.

Thank you for being so understanding Inquisitor now where would you like me to drop you off ? said Jack.
If you would so kind as to put us down on Kallidus IV  that would be great Jack & I'll take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done in the name of the Emperor may his light always shine on you.

After they hadl restocked the ship & pulled out of high anchorage Lucinda ask Jack where to now captain now that where under our own command again ? just take us out there replied Jack pointing ahead I'll think of somewhere in a day or two, he didn't have to for it seemed faith way about to lead the Hermes & her crew on on an interesting path, 31.3 hours after take off they ran into a wormhole & for the next 2 hours or so it was all hands on deck as the crew fought to stop the ship from being pulled apart.

Finally they broke free of the wormhole but as the reports started to come in from all over the ship Jack had two major problems to think on, one they where off the charts & two their warp engines where very badly damaged & not working.

So in good pulp fashion I leave the story here on a cliff hanger, but this ties in very well with where I'm at hobby wise as at this point in time I really have moved away from 40K & this is hopefully going to feel like a brake as I'm not longer tied to any past history & can take Jack & the crew down any path I wish.

As always my thanks for dropping in & I hope you'll call back from time to time to keep up with the adventures of Jack & the crew.



  1. Nice way to make the transition.

    1. Thanks, I've a plan for where I want to go with this so like I said this was something I need to do.