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Sunday 11 May 2014

Once upon a time in the west

As a kid I had a good diet of western movies to watch, movies like High noon, Shane, True Grit, How the west was won, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Blazing Saddles, Blazing Saddles WTF lol anyway the point been I always loved Westerns so really it not surprising that sooner or later my hobby would lead to Westerns.

Its funny how what you do in a hobby can change over time & for me this is certainly true & lately I find I want to be doing terrain more then anything else, I still play games but unlike a few years back this can be anything where as once it was more or less just 40k.

Now don't get me wrong this not me saying 40k has become a bad game or anything like that it just that people change, I told myself a few years back that I would stop playing when I hit 50 I pasted that a couple of years back & with 7th ed coming soon it might be time to drop out but then again ?

Anyway back on track, as I was saying I enjoy making terrain & love Westerns, now on some of the sites I go onto I've seen some great western towns that people have built & I keep think to myself I'd love to build a western town, so I set about building a small western type of building to see if it was something I'd enjoy.

The little building you see in the pictures was my test model & allowing I keep it fairly simple & I've really enjoyed making it, another thing I find these days is I now do what I like when I like unlike years back when I'd have to have models painted to go to an event & boy is it a big plus as I remember sitting down & painting models when it was as enjoyable as getting teeth pulled not really a great way to enjoy your hobby.

So with this project a runner I'm looking forward to building the rest of the town & painting it up, I think I'm now more of a modeller that play's the odd game these days & to be honest I can live with that.

Another thing about doing terrain like this is it cheap I would think that this building costed no more than 2 Euro to make & I see the whole town costing no more then 50 Euro to build & paint, with the paint being the biggest part of the bill,

Will there be any model cowboys to roam this wild west town ? I don't know but then that just makes a hobby better when you don't know what tomorrow will bring,so I'll leave you with the closing line from a great Thin Lizzy song, A cowboy's life is the is the life for me.

Thanks for dropping in partner & I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. looks good have you tried airbrushing it yet?

  2. No not yet Darra, I've stuff that I want to get done before I get stuck in to this project.

  3. haha. outlands to play 40K in long past 7th methinks. Loooks great mate, can't wait to see the whole town.

  4. Outlanders your not the first to bring that up Mr Slow, sadly there will be a bit of a wait on seen the rest mate.

  5. I had no idea you were 50 Frank! I'm still stuck in the frame of mind that everyone is around the same age as myself (24 in 9 days).

    Getting back to the matter at hand, your terrain is superb, as usual. The only ruleset I know of that would suit your little settlement would be Inquisitor though.

    You should post more updates like this one too, where you talk about your experiences and show off some terrain/models. This one was a great read!

  6. Thanks Marc I gled you enjoyed it.