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Thursday 6 June 2013

How to industrial terrain

Industrial looking terrain is in fact a simple enough thing to do after all a piece of machinery can look many different ways.

The table you see set up above is mostly made from stuff people throw away, rice pots, bottle tops, spray can lids & packaging.

Jamie's inquisitor takes cover behind a couple of bottle tops glued together, the green one has a strip of plastic card glued around the middle of it to give a bit more detail.

This orange piece in this two pictures is from is from one of them Christmas sets that nearly everyone gets.

the one below I think might have been an Easter egg.

A lot of the food we buy these days also comes in this type of packaging, it like a soft plastic.

So to start we need some form of packaging & expanding foam that you'll get in any hardwere.

Next put the foam into packaging only fill it about one third of the way, rememder this is exspanding foam.

The foam will fill the packaging making it robust, it will take different lents of time for the foam to set depending on how much you used I normally leave it till the next day before doing anything with it.

You'll next need to cut the foam off level with the bottom of the packaging.

On a lot of theses type of packaging there's a little turn up around them that you'll need to cut off.

 After that you can add more detail if you like.

Before basing it & painting it, so the next time before you throw that piece of packaging out have a good look at it & see what else it could be used for.

A couple of spray can lids with a bit of detail added do the job just fine.


  1. As always Frank, excellent article. Makes me want to break out the glue gun! :D