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Thursday, 30 May 2013

INQ28 the chemical plant

This week is a double header with the first part of the post been from Jamie one of our INQ28 players, the second part will be on last night game set in a chemical plant.
The wind howled and smelled of charred wood as Inquisitor Visk strode through the burning huts. Nothing remained of the abhuman settlement. Catching another smell, Visk noticed it was something akin to charred meat and smiled grimly. Or of its inhabitants he added to himself.
 Touching his lapel, he clicked on his vox mic and spoke into it “ Nothing, here. Seems like we were a little late in getting back. Anything on local channels?”

 “nothing yet boss,” a thick husky voice replied “seems like some sort of gang war going full tilt in the underhabs but that is nothing unusual”.  
 Pulling his bandana tighter to cover the increasingly potent stench of charred abhuman, Visk sat  against one of the burnt supports and sighed.
 “Hows Hooper?”

“He’s good boss, quiet as usual, playing with his knives. Medic said it was just flesh wounds. Told me to ask you if you could bring back  one your little friends for pay back”
 Visk smiled and shuck his head “Tell him there will be plenty of time for that yet.”
 Looking at a burnt out transport track, Visk had a brief flash of shape seen earlier, a somewhat familiar figure brandishing a shotgun. “One last thing, anything on that person I described?”
 “Nothing yet boss, suspiciously quiet if you get my meaning”

 Visk did, although briefly he had glimpsed a silver armoured figure talking to the contact which they had planned to meet, just as all hell broke loose. A figure he had seen before somewhere. He just wished he had seen his face. This bothered Visk, something was not right here…
 “I do indeed, keep an eye out. Visk out” he replied
 Standing up, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a tobacco tin, “ want one” he offered.
 Slinking from behind the charred ruins, the figure of Locko Light walked into Visks field of vision. “Nah im good sah, but thanks for de offer”. Motioning with the tin, Visk began to walk forward, Locko keeping step beside him.

 “ What have you got me” he asked the ragged thief.
 Pulling out a small slip of paper, Locko passed it to Visk saying “was not easy but a spook dealer in the lower habs was able to give me the name of a man who gave me that bit of paper that you be reading. Seems someone has been enquiring about that location that be written on said paper that I gave you”.
 Visk smiled, Locko you tend to ramble but you always have something to say he thought to himself.

 “Did this man have any idea who was doing the enquiring?”
 “nah sah, but he said that they were scary people, been squeezing most of the ‘businessmen’ of the lower habs for information. Weird, they are saying. Maybe even Weirdling” Locko whispered the last word, akin to a scared child.
 Visk nodded to himself, weird is what the Inquisition was meant for.  “By the Emperor, this time we will see what heresy is brewing on this world. And this time, we will shoot first”.
Thanks Jamie that was good stuff & I look forward to the next one, now to last nights game, as I said it was set in a chemical plant with 3 players Lenny, Jamie & Paddy.
Both Lenny & Jamie are running an Inquisitor lead warband while Paddy's is a lead by a Rogue trader, this is working well with the rogue trader doing well rogue kind of things with the two Inquisitor both on the case as it were.

So our story had the Inquisitors searching the plant for clues with the rouge trader trying to cover it's tracks, all the players had two models each, which meant we'd two Inquisitors with side kicks while the rouge trader sent a lowlife gunslinger & anarco-flagellant to do the dirty work.
Now as this is only our second game were all trying to get to grips with the rules, but all the players are playing in a good sprite & even broken into song at one stage so count yourselves luck that I only take pictures & not recordings.
So after what could only be described as a slow start as the players seemed to have problems rolling 4+ on the dice we got the action going with a bit of poor shoting, talk about not been able to hit the side of a bran not that we had a barn.

Cover in this game really helps keep you a live as the player gets the armour value of what ever it is that's given him the cover, on any parts of his body that's behind it.
Lying flat on a roof means that unless the other player gets a head shot he's only wasting bullets, that of corse if he can hit you to begin with.
Another important thing is your facing while this guy was busy watching the computer ( I won't say what the lads thought he was watching ) he never seen the arco-flagrllant coming for him.

 We where now getting to what was to be the first of many hits in the groin, which will bring down an elephant just like in real life as any hits in this area means you fall prone.

And down he goes.
He did manage to get back up but it wasn't for long & Lenny was down a man but there would be revenge, mean while back at the ranch Jamie's inquisitor was to put into effect a chain of events that would leave us all horrified & in fits of laughing.
After coming under fire from another direction that meant he wasn,t getting cover from the big drums he decided to make a run for it, only to get shot in the Ahole by the gunslinger which lead to him falling prone.
With the gunslinger ready to take full advantage, while at the same time Lenny's Inquisitor had come down from the roof to try & deal the emperor's justice to the arco-flagellant.

Jamie's other character could only look on from the building he spent the whole game in as the gunslinger went about crucifying his boss by shooting him in both legs both arm's & then finishing him off but putting another shot into his rectum.
With the inquisitor & the arco-flagellant down & out it meant that each player was down to one model.

So as the evil gunslinger when after the guy in the building to try & give him the same sending off as his boss Lenny's Inquisitor went over to the computer terminal to see if there was anything on it that would be off a help in his investigation.

 Luckily enough for the guy in the building the inquisitor got the information he was looking for bring the game to an end as at that stage he had falling prone & had taken a bullet in each leg, no prizes for guessing where the next few where going to go, the 41st millennium really is av evil place.

My thanks to Lenny, Jamie & Paddy for a fun filled & very enjoyable night.
Evil has a new face.

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  1. Was great fun alright but I think any bystanders will be a bit worried for our sanity after that.