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Tuesday 18 June 2013

To the spaceship yards

To the spaceship yards or where ever it is that nids go to build or grow their ships.

Now to be honest I think I've only ever played battle fleet gothic twice & certainly no more three times, & yet one of my fondest moments in table top gaming came playing this game.

I was playing Darragh at the time & if my memory severs me right with my main ship unable to shot & on fire with him closing in for the kill, I looked a cross the table at Darragh & declared ramming speed & for that one brief moment felt like Captain Jean-Luc |Picard of star trek.

Building a nid fleet is something I've planed to do for a long time now, after all how is Nagaina meant to devour the Galaxy if it has no ships ?

This doesn't mean I'm about to start playing battle fleet gothic any time soon at least I don't think I am but hell who knows.

So then why build a fleet for a game you don't play you might very well ask ? well the answer is quiet simple really, its a modelling opportunity & a part from the paints & glue a free one at that.

In 40K you can't really make a lot of things for nids as they don't have tanks or weapons platforms like other races, as everything in the army is a living organism but oddly enough the very thing that makes it haed to do stuff for them in 40K is the very thing that makes it easy to make a fleet for them.

As these are living things they don't have to comform to the normal rules of spaceships & can just come in any shape or size you like & just like in 40K where the weapons are a living part of the nid so to is it a part of the ship.

A simple & enjoyable little project to do with the whole thing from start to finish taking less then two days I really am very happy with the results.

So now that Hive Fleet Nagaina has the means to transcend the galaxy let the feeding commence.

And the new addistion to the fleet my 5th grandchild Theo who was born yesterday.


  1. Aww congratulations on the new grandson Frank! :) Yeh had a few intro games to BFG and really liked it your paintjob on the fleet is fantastic!

  2. Just a few more Frank and you can make an entire proxy army out of your grandchildren.

  3. That is very cool on the hobby front and the fambily front too ;-)

  4. only five more for your own full strength IG squad :)