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Monday, 24 June 2013

Apocalypse is returning

Apocalypse is  been regigged & relaunched to bring it into line with 6th ed 40K, but will we notice ?
Gw's best ever expansion Apocalypse gives you a chance to get out the big guns & what ever else you have in you collation, things like the other 3 tactual squads that never seem to get used have their day in the sun.

Maybe he won't see us
I for one love apocalypse & can remember it first launch & GW's first big kit the baneblade which until then was FW only, they also released a lot of big armies box sets at the time things like a set of 10 Leman Russ's which you could field as the Emperor's fist tank company formation.

You better be a high roller.

It also gave you a chance to use flyer's, titans & other cool FW units like the hydra flak-tank for 200pts I might add, still how else where you going to shoot down them plains ?
Now as I've already said I love playing apocalypse, the ideal way for me is 4 players with between 5 or 6k pts per player & a good GM running the show a perfect way to spend the day gaming.

Right who order the pizza 
That was all in the pasted & now I sit here wondering what 2snd ed apoc is going to bring ? lets be honest the game of 40k has moved on a lot since apoc made its grand entrance, we now have flyers the eldar have just got a model that I belive is 9inchs tall the price of a lot of units in the game have come down so much that many of them are less the half of what they once where not so long ago.

The apocalypse is coming the end is nigh
My dark apostle I can now have him & 100 csm on the table at 1500pts with some pts to spare for some special weapons, remember when the guy below was 26pts ? I do & it wasn't back in the days of RT.

btw I'm looking of one of these old bloodletters if anyone has one to spare.
At the end of the day the big difference will be what it has always been the real trill of apoc the killing power of some of the big hitters, ever seen about 30 GK die to just one shot from a weapon ? I have & by is it ever fun, or laugh as a whole IG army charges a gargantuan creature because some sneaky daemon player put a spell on them.

How will your Emperor protect you now ?
So as I sit here writing this post I look forward to many days of fun playing 2snd ed apoc, even if an IG player can now have 9 Leman Russ's in a normal game of 40k it still not the same as haven 10 in the one squad, so dust off the big guy's & rally the troops for something big is coming & it' going to be fun fun fun.

Some times size does matter.

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