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Friday 10 May 2013

The 34th host

Even though the chaos space marine dex has been out for a good while now I only just picked it up last week, now to be honest the reason for this was two fold.

First there was the price at 39 Euro's the new codices are not cheap, secondly I found the book to be a bit of an illusion in that at first glance things look a bit cheaper but when you look closely you find there not.

So haven brought a second hand dex that in fairness is in new in all but name I finely sat down to try to re do my Wordbearers army now by that I mean certain units, as  for those that don't know my Wordbearers army is based off of Anthony Reynolds books.

 With the double force chart of 6th ed at 2000pts this would let me develop some of the lesser characters, but in the club we seem to be playing more 1850pts games then  the 2000pts that we played more in 5th ed.

Now as to try to avoid any spoilers I'll just use titles in stead of names as I go, so first up will be the Dark Apostle but it won't be the one in the dex as I'd like him to be a bit better then that, also on one or two of the characters the wargear might change a little bit but by & large it will be the same.

Dark Apostle chaos lord 65pts, black mace 45pts, veteran of the long war 5pts, sigil of corruption 25pts, melta bombs 5pts gift of mutation 10pts, plasma pistol 15pts.
total 170pts

Coryphaus chaos lord 65pts, terminator armour 40pts, veteran of the long war 5pts, lightning claw pts,combi-melta 10pts, gift of mutation 10pts.
total 130pts

Troop Frist Acolyte squad the frist acolyte is the aspiring champion in the squad if I was playing at 2000pts I might run him with the dark apostle stats.

Chaos space marines 75pts, 5 marines 65pts, flamer 5pts, melta-gun 10pts, powermace 15pts, veterans of the long war 10pts, gift of mutation 10pts, melta-bombs 5pts, rhino 35pts, dirge caster 5pts.
total 235

Troop assault squad chaos space marines 75pts, 3 marines 39pts, mark of khorne 16pts, veterans of the long war 8pts, power axa 15pts, melta-bombs 5pts, gift of mutation 10pts rhino 35pts dirge caster 5pts.
total 208pts

Possessed icon bearer squad possessed 130pts, 2 gifts of mutation 20pts, rhino 35pts, dirge caster5pts, daemonic possession 15pts.
total 205pts

The Anointed chaos terminators 95pts, 2 terminators 62pts, lightning claws 10pts, power fist 10pts, heavy flamer 10pts, veterans of the long war 15pts, gift of mutation 10pts.
total 202pts

Helbrute 105pts twin-linked heavy bolter 5pts
total 110pts.

Magos ?

The total for that lot with the magos comes to 1080pts & I would have most of the above units in my army & while I not done a price check across the two codices I know that there is not a big difference between them with somethings gained & somethings lost.

An army that was never competitive to begin with I feel will be even less so in today's world where a lot of things are getting cheaper pts wise, but if I'm to use it then I feel that the way I've built it above is the way I've got to use it to be true to it.

As I intend to add a storm eagle to the list there will not be to many pts left to add much more in the old days I used spawns & lesser daemons & could see myself using chaos daemons as allies with these guys.

An army that I love & while winning is of not that much of an importance I like to have some little hope that I might win an odd game.
So the final word on my Wordbearers in this post is I'm not sure on the future of them.

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  1. If you haven't read the books you are missing out on three counts (I) what Chaos is really about, few books capture it and for me it's the Night Lords but cannot fault Franko's choices either (II) you get an inkling of what it means to fight against Franko's army , and (III) you get an inkling of what it means to have Franko as an ally. As a newer convert to the Dark side I have to say I am delighted with this turn of events :-)