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Friday, 22 February 2013


INQ28 aka Inquisitor is one of the specialist games done by GW in the way back when & a game that hopefully will be popping up on this blog from time to time in the near future.
So for anyone reading that is not familiar Inquisitor or GW's specialist games we'll go back in time a bit to the days when GW looked at this whole hobby business in a completely different way than they do today.

So a long with their big two games 40K & WHFB GW also done a few splinter games in the setting of one of the two main games, so you got games like Mordheim, Spacehulk, Bloodbowl & BFG.
Inquisitor was also one of them games which is set in the 40K universe.

So what is Inquisitor ? well Inquisitor is a roll playing game where players build little warbands of a few models & set off on what ever marry little mission the GM has in mind for them, one of the biggest problems this game had however was the fact that GW set it at 54mm scale, which meant that you could use 40K models to play as they where all 28mm but as you only need a couple of models that wasn't to bad.

No the real problem I think was terrain, as this was a game that was lets face it going to be played by people who played 40k it also meant that they would need different terrain, now as anyone who's being in this hobby for any length of time know's storage of your toy's can become a problem very quickly & terrain can take up a lot of space even at 28mm without making it twice the size.

Enter Inq28 which is the same game as Inquisitor but is played at only half the scale 28mm instead of 54mm but the really good thing about Inq28 is that not only can you use all of the 40k models that you have you can also use all of your 28mm terrain as well which I thing is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the game.

So I've started out on the road to becoming an Inquisitor this week playing the little scenario in the rulebook a couple of times with my son Paddy, with the plan to start playing in the club on the 27th of March with Paddy & a few of the lads so watch is space as they say.


  1. Hi franco, be advised even at 28mm the skirmish games need more terrain than regular 40K game. I think this was one of the obstacles to games of Necromunda, the mechanics are fine getting multi level terrain and lots of it ready for a game was a bit of a pain. I am not sure how Infinity manage to pull it off.

  2. Thank's for the heads up Darra,as the plan is to only play once a month I'm hoping this won't be to much of a problem.
    So to start off with I'll be using a lot of the shops stuff until I can get enough of my own built & tbh I love making terrain anyway & as I gave most of mine to the shack at the last NWG this will give me a reason to build more with multi level's walkways stairs & what nots.