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Monday 4 February 2013

How to bunkers

It's a while since I done a how to article this one is for a bunker, now I know GW do a bunker & it's a love kit but if you want to play say the bunker mission in the 4th ed rule book or an apoc game your going to need a few bunkers.
I call these bunkers butter bunkers & their no prize for guessing why, so what you will need to do this model is one butter tub, some plastic card & your bit's box.

Remove the lid from the tub & put it to one side you'll need it later then turn the tub upside down.

As you can see with this tub there's a raised edge running around the tube about 8mm in from the edge (not all tub's are like this & some are flat on the bottom if so mark a line around the tub about 8mm in.
We are going to cut the big flat piece out.

 When you've done this you'll want to smooth off the edge's with a file or some sandpaper.
Next we need some plastic card, lay the card down & put the tub on top of it.

Now mark around the inside of the tub on the card this will be your floor.

Cut out the shape you marked on the card, the next is to cut out a piece of the black plastic that in the bottom of Dunne's stores shopping bags. You don't have to use the black stuff but it does add detail as it has a little diamond design in it.

Now glue the two piece's together & then glue the floor into the bunker.

There's a lip about 5mm up in the bunker & I glued the floor to this, re-enforcing by on gluing bits of old sprue.

Now cut some plastic card to go inside the bunker to make it sturdier these will have the cut out's for the firing slots in them.

 I used an IG model to work out the high of the slots & I've put the sizes on them but this might change depending on the tub you use, you'll need two of the small one's & one of the big one's.

I marked a centre point on the tub & the card to help getting them in place.

You will notice there's a lip running around on the out side of the tub which I;m going to cut off next.

Only cut off the piece that turns back up as you need to leave something to glue to the base.

Next cut out the slots in the tub in line with the one's in the plastic card that's glued inside.

Now we need to make away for the models to get in & out of the bunker, I decided to use to bike dases for doors, I then marked the out line of the two bases on the back wall, then mark a new set of lines about 5mm inside the other one's.

 I gave the face of the bases a rub of sand paper to smooth them down & glued two little handle's to them

The handles are from a tank set.

I also added some other bits of detail, I like the bases as doors as I think they look nice & strong.
Now we just need to do your roof  using the lid off the tub.

As you can see their's like a tab on one of the corners that needs to be cut off.

 Next I used  some plastic card to reinforce the roof.
Then I added some more bits of detail.

The white piece on the roof is a hatch  
don't glue on the roof
There we have our bunker ready to be based & painted up, So the next time your Command squas is nice & safe inside their bunker don't thank the Emperor of Mankind thank me instead.

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