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Saturday 24 November 2012

Take the bridge

One of the things I find with a 40K is you never seem to be fighting to achieve something, which tbh is fine most of the time but it's nice now again to fight over something that might be of importance  in an over all war  or a rescue mission like this one I did a while back

The mission take the bridge is base on a mission taken from enduring freedom which is a game set in Afghanistan, I find other gaming books can be a great way of getting idea's for missions.

Now when doing these missions I like to do up the two army lists as well as I find to have any chance of working they need balanced forces, the lists I give below are only about 600 or so points any if your trying this using the list below a 4x4 table would be big enough.

Now I haven't played this myself yet so if anyone doe's try it out please feel free to give me a bit of feed back no if you think it was good or bad.

Battle for the Bridge

Space marine forces 2 tactial squads in rhino's, wargear poweraxa, powersword,heavy bolter, missille launcher
malta gun & flamer. one sergeant to be up graeded in the following way ws5 bs5 w2.
Dreadnought multi-melta dcc weapon
Landspeeder heavy bolter & typhoon missile launcher

Imperial guard forces 1 infantry platoon made up of the following
Platoon command squad, wargear bolter vox caster, plasma gun, chimera

infantry squad wargear vox caster, flamer, heavy bolter.
infantry squad wargear vox caster, grenade launcher,autocannon.
infantry squad wargear vox caster, sniper rifle lascannon.

Heavy weapon squad mortars.
Heavy weapon squad missile launchers
Leman Russ battle tank.

Table lay out, place a river running length ways a long the table about 15" in from one side with the bridge
about 12" to 18" in on the table,put apiece of road from the bridge to the near table edge on the other side
of the bridge run a road length ways down the table.
The road must join the bridge & then make it's way over to the far corner of the table.
Place some buildings on the the side of the table with the long road on it to be a small town, on the other
 side of the river place a hill in the comer nearest to the bridge & a couples of woods & low walls.

The guard player is the  defender & deploys first, the table edge nearest to the river is his deployment
zone & all the forces that he deploys must be placed between the river & his table edge.
The marine player goes first & moves on from his table edge & wins the game if he controls the bridge at the
end of the game.
The game ends 2 full turns after the marine player gains control of the bridge or after 10 turns.
Mission special rules All terrain other then the road counts as double dangerous for tanks & any shot that's
cross more then 4" of terrain gives a 5+ cover save if a batter one is not available.

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