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Sunday 5 February 2017

Behind the scene's, A mountainous backdrop

Hello nice of you to drop in, you will have noticed that since the start of the year thing's have been very different on if it wasn't for one's, why there's hardly been a one in sight I know what brought some of you here was the stories & AAR's, please bare with me awhile longer we will get back to such things & when we do hopefully it will be of a higher standard.
Right back to what this post is about that big chunk of insulation board in the picture above,what brought all this about was if you remember the last post about my tree's there was one very big tree I'd made, the problem was I couldn't seem to take a picture of that tree without going out of the model world.
Unless taken from above like in the picture above but that's not what I want nor would I think would you dear reader, like with all thing's I do when I'm starting off I ask myself how can I make this flexible ? what I mean by that is can I make it in such away that it won't seem like the same piece over & over again.
I thing I've away that helps, if you look at the picture above you'll noticed there are level area's here & there, now the reason for this is two-fold one is so I can when needed place models on it the other is I can use this to change the appersion of the piece.
So we go from when it's bare to adding some tree's to change how it looks.
By even changing where the tree's are & all of that's before I even put thing in front of it which will also help.
After all the cutting was done I rufted up the edge's of the board's,
Then sealed them with no not milk but watered down wood-glue.
Next step will be to add these,
their bits of tree bark I got off a dead tree that will make up the rock face, I think you can also buy stuff like this but my way of looking at thing's is that money I don't spend on one thing I can spend on something else.
But first the bad part the cleaning up of all this stuff. I hope you guys can stay with  it through all this stuff in the hope of something better down the road, if not then Grace in the kiosk out in the foyer will give you a refund provided you have a ticket to prove payment of entry that is lol.

Well that's a rap for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. I have really been enjoying these posts about your scenic items/additions.
    I think your mountains are going to come out extermenly impressive.

  2. Thanks Will, I've felt for a while that some of my terrain wasn't as good as it could be.

  3. Eh , you looking at the same terrain I am. Shame Dave keeps trashing it LOL

  4. Thanks Doc, I'll keep it well away from him lol.

  5. Looks good franco, i really like the idea of backdrop for the photography.

    If the objective is to improve the presentation of the terrain ie i made a backdrop so the picture of the terrain would look better. Would it be worth while to take a photography course to get some theory on how to imporve the quality of the pictures?

  6. Thanks Darra, I got a camera not last Christmas but the one before & tbh I've not done a lot with it meaning the picture's can be very hit & miss, my plan is to spend a day & take pictures at different setting with different light what ever.

    So if after that I'm not happy with the level of picture I'm getting a photography course might be the way to go mate.