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Monday 20 February 2017

Another bunch of stars sign up & an update

I got a couple of deliveries in the last week or so, bring yet more stars to the studio, some of them will have leading roles in the lets call it a following up that's currently in the works.

The above are from Foundry explorer range, Traders & Travellers & all are none combat models, in other words they don't have guns or knives,here's a link where you can see them painted, you'll have to stroll down the page.

Next up are from Northstar African range part of the British South Africa Company & what I really like about these is that you get two of the one person in the set, one standing & the other on horseback.

Even better the rider is removable so if I never glue him on I can remove him & have the man standing beside the horse, neat.
 I think I might have mentioned once or twice about how I like things to be flexible, so this kind of thing is right up my street.
While hard to see in the picture, the model on the right is from the models from Foundry & happens to bare an uncanny resemblance to the one from Northstar.
Again the double act, the figure's are Fredrick Selous  in the couple of pictures above & Major Allen Wilson in the picture directly above, if you'd like to see them painted link below.

Last we have some Pilot's & half Pilot's, What you say ? just look below please.
The idea behind these is for when flying & not flying cool yep ?, some of these half chaps will be going in to the plane I show you a couple of posts back, their from Copplestone Castings.

The update is on the mountainous back drop, as I said in the last post I wasn't happy with how the rockface looked as it was a bit bland.
 So I set about changing it & I think it looks much better now.

The old & the new, what I did was give it a wash using green & brown shade's
Plus a little highlighting, as you can see from the pictures much more interesting with more dept & colour.

That's a rap for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Lots of lovely figs. As for the rockface...I thought it looked good before but the wash has really transformed it! Great job!

  2. Thanks Gordon, I'm really happy that I did the wash, when I had it done first like I said I was not happy with the rockface so I sent a mate of mine a couple of picture's & he agreed it needed work.

    The wash just brought so much dept to it, brought it to life you might say.

  3. Thanks Preacher, & I totally agree mate.

  4. Great stuff Frank! Huge improvement on the rocks after the wash, looks fantastic!

  5. Thanks Ivor, it does make all the difference.

  6. The effect of the wash is amazing. I agree with the above comments, the rock face looked great before, but now it really pops.

  7. Thanks Will, I guess it proves to my that I need to push that extra little bit for the right results.