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Sunday 16 October 2016

Tricol, The Well at Kishkeam, Pulp Alley AAR

Once at the small village at Kishkeam it was easy enough to get directions to the place they where looking for, although the directions came with a word of warning as to something not been right about that place.
When they at last arrived Adele told the rest of them that she was going to go down the well & that while she did so they should see if they could find anything that might be useful about the place, in this misty god forsaken place I'd be amazed replied Number & be careful down there.
 Adele had no sooner dissapered down the well when out of the mist a man came in the company of 4 beastmen, you've no business there he called out leave this place at once.
 Who are you to tell us what to be doing ? replied Numbers loudly hoping that Adele would hear him.
Unbeknown to Numbers & the guys there was another man with them who had kept out of sight.
Then something happened to Mad Willie that sparked things off, while down the well Adele was trying to solve the answer as to what she was down here for.
The man & the beastmen charged forward splinting up as they did so, while at the same time the other man rounded the bushes firing his weapon.
Maggie's skill with her two blades is more then the beastmen can handle.
X4Y is also in action as the helpless Numbers watches.
After getting the better of one beastman he's rushed by another.
The one who seems to be the leader runs to the well.
While Pop's & the masked man engage in a shoot out.

Pop gets the upper hand for now.
The falling as Number's moves around behind Pops.
Back at the well Maggie take's on the leader but find him harder to handle.
Adele carries on down the well unaware of whats happening above.
Pop's fire's at the leader on the run but his aim is off.
Some of the downed return to their feet.
But once more Maggie is knocked flying, this guy is a beast in at brawling.
X4Y & the beastman with the chain hook's are still at it
but neither can get the upper-hand as they sweep each other off their feet.
Point blank range the gunfight continues
Pops turn to hit the dirt.
Number's runs around the back of the ruined building followed by the masked man.
At the well Maggie gets back to her feet despite the punishment she's taken, down the well Adele gets nearer to her goal.
Maggie goes tumbling to the ground once more, surely she can't take much more of this punishment.
Numbers takes to the shadows in the hope that his pursuer won't see him.
At the well the remaining beastman is set upon by something & is knocked to the ground.
Numbers comes across a stranger who ask's him has he seen any hornets nests around here.
Maggie & the beastman both get back to their feet, inside the well a smile lights up Adele's face, what have we got here she thinks to herself.
Maggie goes down for the last time just as Adele returns from the inside of the well
opening fire on the beastman
she knocks him off his feet.
Numbers replies that he noticed one in a tree on the far side of vale.
Adele notice's that the masked is closing in on Numbers who for some reason has stop to talk with someone & heads after them drawing the masked man into a shoot out.
With the masked man taken care of Adele turns just in time to see the leader charging for her.
Unlike the Maggie Adele doesn't go hand to hand with him but instead fills him full of hot lead.
Adele then calls out to Numbers, it's ok you can come out now their all gone, oh Adele what have you gotten us into now he ask's coming out of the tree's.

Designers note, The game played out was a solo one from the new PA expansion book Tomb of the Serpent & while very different from any other PA games I've played be fore it was as enjoyable as ever, so well done to Dave & Mila as I'm sure the rest of it will be just as trilling, the game ended (without me giving to much away) with the Severedhead league holding the major plot point & one minor plot point, so a win for them.

I tried some different things in the setting up of the table for this game & was happy with the affect as I thought they added a lot to the feeling of things, so what where they Frank you ask ? Well the first thing was I placed a few low hills under the gaming mate to create contours, also added where some small stones in a couple of places & lastly I sprinkled little bits of lichen over the table to try to add the feeling of little bits of foliage.

The picture above funnily enough shows off all of these things, as you can see quite clearly that where Number's is standing is above the stones  & in front of him can be seen some of the little bits of lichen.

Well that it for this post, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.