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Saturday 22 October 2016

Tricol, The Prisoner

When last we seen Panama Jack he was been escorted by armed guards from the Severedhead.
Also captured on the same night was Father Felix
out side Felix started a tussle with his guards
 which gave him the chance to make a dash for it
by vanishing down the bask streets.
However Governor Von Bittner had his prize Panama Jack held in cell awaiting trial.
 Known that the trial would be nothing more then a kangaroo court, High Marshall Ulberexis has had a meeting with the some of the Hermes crew to give them some information that might help them spring their Captain.
Meanwhile Governor Von Bittner (seen here inside the Imperial Palace) has set the date for the trial to take place & has also outlawed High Marshall Ulberxis & his sidekick Jackson following the events of the opening night at the Severedhead.

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  1. Who's on Gov Bittner's side if he outlaws the High Marshall?
    Does he have some merc's? ne're do wells? or spare Irishmen around?

  2. Thanks for the reply Will.

    He has a militia force that he's using since the chance's in the law's which the High Marshall didn't agree with, in the first couple of pictures you can see some of them things are falling apart a bit in Tricol.

  3. Things fall apart regularly in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium (or some similar futuristic non copywriteable distopian future).

  4. They do indeed General & I hope your enjoying it, thanks for commenting.