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Thursday 13 October 2016

Tricol, Some unknown history

When the first ship entered Tricol via the wormhole a presence awoke, that presence has been growning stronger with each passing day.

 Tricol a place that only has a recent history that we know of, with it been only just over 200 years since the first ship arrived through the wormhole even if some of them pre-dated the HH, the history of Tricol before the arrival of that first ship is unknown, but what is known is that there was once an advanced civilisation, so what happened to them ?

Tricol was old long before the Emperor of mankind came to been on Terra & even at that stage advanced well be on anything that the people of Terra have ever reached, hence the priority given to finding any of their technology as it is believed that that is the key to been able to leave the Tricol system & once again move among the stars.

So who were these's people ? Well there was two kind both humanoid, one of them know as the norms where much greater in number, with the others know as the elevated who where responsible for all the great technology that Tricol had & while it would have been possible for them to have kept the use of the technology to the themselves & ruled Tricol like gods it was not their  way.

For many millennia they lived in harmony & traveled the stars be means of very advanced teleportation devices, there was two kind of these devices one that could teleport the person that only the elevated could use & the other that was capable of a mind transfer which needed a receiver at the other location, the reason for this type of teleportation device is because for some unknown reasons the one used by the elevated would not work for the norms no matter what the elevated tried & as they didn't want their fellow citizens to miss out on the joys of traveling among the stars built the device that would lead to their downfall.

 It is believed that it was through the use of this teleportation device that the one that in their language would translate to ours as the one who would not rest came to Tricol, consumed by a lust for power & driven by a love for cruelty he raised up an army of followers among the norms with the intention of becoming ruler.

Unable to halt his rise & been over run & systematically murdered the last of the elevated trapped him in a powerfully sealed chamber,     but while his body could not leave the chamber it seemed he was capable of projecting his image to any point within the system.

Known now that their was no way for them to contains this evil they took the last terrible steps hoping that they would be able to contain the one who would not rest in the Tricol system until the end of time.

For they had learned that he drew his power from intelligence, so after creating a device that would destroy the warp capabilities of any starship that entered the system & uploading viruses into the computer's, they unleashed a plague that would destroy all intelligent life above that of a bovine in the system, but they also left hidden at different locations as a safe guard powerful artifacts that might help any would be settlers in Tricol combat the one who would not rest, should the case arise.

Well that it for this post I hope it helped to explain some of the things that have so far taken place in Tricol & some of the things yet to happen, so as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcome :-)

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