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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Tricol, The Gala Party, a Pulp Alley AAR

The big night had finally arrived & anyone who had been luck enough to have received an invite was inside the Severed Head for this double celebration.

High Marshall Ulberexis had been tipped off by an informant that Governor Von Bittner was going to have his militia turn up & try to take Panama Jack & as many of the crew of the Hermes as they could into custody.
The plot points with Jack the major one
Ulberexis along with his trusty sidekick Jackson was going to have to try to warn the Harmes crew before they got captured, for Ulberexis  was sure that if Von Bittner got his hands on Panama Jack that he hang him up as a scapegoat for all the bad thing's that had happened in Tricol over the last couple of years.

In such a crowded place it was hard to spot anyone but alas Jackson spot's Lucinda Green upon the landing talking to someone & head's for them, while Ulberexis went on mingling among the crowd keeping an eye out, but just then in came the militia.

Spread out & try & find as many of the crew as you can but the big fish is Panama Jack, so put capturing him above any of the other's.
Jackson reaches Lucinda,
& talks her into hiding out in one of the rooms.
Meanwhile downstairs the Corporal approach's Felix
 but is push back & told so stay away.
Over at the gaming tables a private has gotten into an argument with Olsan, who tells him he's not going anywhere with him.
The private starts to get heavy handed & is asked to leave by one of the bouncer servitors.

Doc Neddle has also got problems as two private's interrupt his game
He somehow make's them believe he's not who they are looking for,
Jack seems to be pend in & doesn't know where to turn,
it might be best to stay clear of Von Bittner all the same he think's to himself.
At this stage Ulberexis is embroiled in a very heated conversion with the Sergeant,
as Felix is frogmarched from the building.
Spotting that thing's are not going so well for his boss below in the main hall
Jackson leap's from the landing to the floor below.
The Sergeant has spotted Jack & move's to detain him,
before calling over a couple of private's to lead him away.
The militia Captain & the Corporal now move over to the Sergeant.
 Olsan carries on trying his luck at the table's as if nothing was happening.
In all the commotion Jack seems to have somehow gotten free
& Jackson try's to talk Jack into coming with him, but at this stage Jack is very hostile & is having none of it.
Now a big debate is going on in the centre of the hall as to what should happen to Jack, with the High Marshall telling the militia Captain that he's no right in arresting Jack that it's unlawful, but one glance in Von Bittner's diction from the Captain is all he needs to know that he;d better take Jack into custody.
Panama Jack is once again lead away to await his faith.

Designer's note, The game played out was the social affairs from the crime ally book & seen two new leagues take to the table, one of them the one with  Ulberexis & Jackson has already been covered on this blog the other one Von Bittner's  militia I'll do a post on in the next couple of weeks.

The setting for the game was also been used for the first time & I've got to say I'm more then happy with how it worked, it really added to the feeling of the game & I hope some of that feeling comes across in this AAR.

The game it's self was very close & ended with the duo having one minor PP while the militia had one minor & the major PP, but the major one could have gone either way with the surprise twist card robbing Ulberexis of the first chance to nab Jack & later Jackson failing the perils when Jack was back in play, the militia also lost 4 or 5 members of it's league.

Well that's it for this post I hope you've enjoyed it, so as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Thanks Gordon I'm glad you liked it :-)

  2. Fantastic! Wow, what a story!

    THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley.


  3. Fantastic! Wow, what a story!

    THANKS for playing and sharing Pulp Alley.


  4. Thanks Dave I'm glad you liked it :-)