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Thursday 16 April 2015

40K Off the shelve

This one is one if I'm to be honest I thought I might never finish but the other day after about three & a half years I took my hellhemmer off the shelve & set about finishing it.

so sad & lone looking

What brought this about I hear you ask ? well I think it was my game with the Doc where we got our greater chaos daemons out & went at it, were now in 7th ed 40K & things have changed a lot in GW over the years.

I'd say he'd be glad to see the back of me

Now you might well ask isn't 40K still more or less the same game it always was ? the short answer to that is no plain & simple like I said things have changed a lot over the years.

big tanks need loving to you know

Once a model like the hell hammer was only to be found in epic then FW started up & made big kits, flyers & all kind of wonderful stuff but this was still very far removed from what most people think for as main stream 40K.
he loves me he really loves me

Then a long came apocalypse & with it GW first steps into the world of the big kits, I had many a great day playing apoc & in those days the hellhammer was given what at best could be called a quick lick of paint in my Sallies colours, then after I did my Vrak's army I decided I'd do the big guy justice & paint it up the same way but with the work 90% done did what a lot of us do & moved on to something else.

I've got to say I'm more then happy with the way it turned out

 For one reason or another apoc died & with it the use of models that apart from what I paid for them are models that I love & want to use,  GW tried a reboot of apoc but that failed it also got rid of epic as a game but had plans for the models & formations.
it even got to see some action as I used it in my game against Alan last night

 So now while a lot of people are bemoaning the Elder getting the first ranged D weapon in the game or at any rate in a codex (yes I know that that the crons can get one) I'm Delighted, why because if I'm willing to put a 600 pt tank on a table that can get one shot killed by another model than any nonsense about banning stuff to keep the game fair or balanced really is just that nonsense.

with the game gone so slow these big guys are a great way of getting it played in time

Like it or not GW are now designing the game with all of both their models & FW,s in mind, the amount of people I've heard complain about the 3 knights or crons that they just don't seem to be able to kill, well guess what weapon kills them real good ?

when I see it now all painted up I really feel a bit of a dick for leaving it there for all those years

When flyers first came we made that mistake of not letting player who's codices didn't have them take either flyers from FW or other stuff that could deal with them, making an already unbalanced game even more so while kidding yourselves it was in the name of balance.

the details on these models really are something else

 Making the same mistake all over again is just going to make sure that the dex that's already king of the hill is just going to stay there while we complain that Elder are so over powered, the game has moved on my advice for what it worth is move with it because at this stage telling an ork player that he can't use his stompa makes about as much sense as trying to take out a wraithknight with a sluga.

& now that its finished maybe we should have a party, I wonder what's in those barrels ? 
GW want to sell us these models plus all the other ones they make, now they can't make us buy them but they can design the game in such away that you might just find doesn't work very well without them, well that's it folks as always my tanks :-) for dropping in.

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