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Tuesday 14 April 2015

40K The lost & the dammed

I played a game of 40K in the house the other day with my son-inlaw using what I think of as my competitive list & while we played my son watched, later on talking to him about the game he said something to me which I've often thought myself about 40k.

What he said was neither of you seemed to be having much fun & in away I think he's right, you see imho  there are two type of 40k games competitive & fun, that's not to say one is more enjoyable then the other & Paddy never said we weren't enjoying ourselves just that we didn't look like we where having fun.
Tzeentch favourite son ? 

List for me have a lot to do with a game of 40k,  yes I can go to a tournament & bring a list that has 3 flyrants & 3 mawloc's & enjoy it but if I'm playing at home or in the club then this is not really the army I want to run with.

The lost & the dammed an army of those poor souls lost to chaos just my kind of scum, IA 13 has an army list for just that type of thing & it from here that I'm going to build my none competitive army, now don't get me wrong I'm hoping this army will be still able to fight the good fight but should have just enough draw backs to keep it interesting.

Flavour the HQ you pick is what should set up the style of army your running, it works like this a single commander called demagogue in a command squad can pick from a list of devotions, so he could be a rogue witch, a dark magus or some other things with each one opening up different units or up grades.

Now I ran a defenders of Vrak's list before & is was a very fun army to play & it's the kind of army that give you lots of modelling opportunity's be it mutant conversions or run down looking tanks with kit bashed extra's.

As I've said more then once on this blog I really do have to many models & do find it hard to justify buying more & while its easy to talk myself into picking up something like a knight which I can use across a few different armies, do I really want another 70 to 100 infantry models to build & paint when I've a fully painted army sitting there ready to go.

That's not to say I won't be picking up stuff for this army, but for me much & all as I'd love an ad-mech army unless I build a dark one where I make a lot of stuff myself I don't see it happen.
So as I'm putting the finishing touches to this post I've already sent my list in for a tournament in the war room next Saturday & tbh I should be using my nids but as this event is FW friendly & I've banged the FW drum so many times I feel it would have been a sell out on my be half.

Not wanting this army to be just my Vrak's army even if a lot of the models from that force will be used I'm also using other things like beastmen as a squad of ig's plus some not chaos ig's to mix the look of the army up a bit.

For someone who plays sob the fact that I've picked a rouge witch as my HQ is not losted on me & that if devoted him to a certain chaos god it something a good mate of mine will get a kick out of, well that's it for me but before I go you might have noticed that there's a big tank in one of the pictures, well that's been added to my list for my game on Wednesday as I start playing what I like to think of as full 7th ed.

Thanks for dropping in & kept an eye out for my report from the war room, unlike my last tournament I'm setting the bar a lot lower this time out 20 pts form the 4 games with this list will have me more then happy.


  1. refreshing change I hope mate LOL

  2. At least I won't have to worry about armour saves as most of these guys don't have any lol