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Thursday 15 May 2014

killteam family feud.

An update on the killteam where doing in the DGG at the moment, as is the way of such things I was drawn against my soon in law in the first round of games, setting up a family feud.

I decided for reasons of madness to play nids in this event when I had a very good ig killteam, anyway such is life, the first game really was a none event with Ralph  hammering me but I did manage to get one point out of it, score 10-1.

The second game was to be a bit different as we'd to place 6 objectives 7 as we came in base contact with them roll a D6 on a roll of a 6 that was the real objective, I won the roll of & decided to take the deployment zone with only one objective instead of the one with two which lead to Ralph thinking I was up to something, ah mined games you have to love them lol.

So my turn 1 I roll for the objective in my zone & the dice gods smile on me as I roll a 6 meaning Ralph will have to come at me, which he did making this a more enjoyable & closer then the first one with me nicking a 4-3 win.

Anyway here's how things stand after the first round of games & the draw for the next round.

Mr Slow 16pts
Dwane 15pts
No Good 13pts
John 9pts
Alan 5pts
Frank 5pts
Mr Lazy 4pts
Ger 2pts
Roman 2pts
Stephen 1pts

For the next round missions 2 & 5 will be played, the game to be played between the 17th & 31st of May

Mr Slow v Dwane
No Good V John
Alan v Frank
Mr Lazy v Ger
Roman v Stephen


  1. Killteam is awesome.

    Is there only the digital download for it? Or can you get a paperback?

  2. Ah that's a shame... They really should just put a load of them in a volume or something.

    In any case, good luck with your feud!

  3. Nothing worse than setting up and franko been nice to you - makes you wonder what he's up to (",)