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Monday, 9 December 2013

40K the gloves are off

Since 6th ed hit 40K has been going through a lot of changes, we've got allies back, fliers & fortification but all this was only the start the tin edge of the wadge if you like.

This weekend saw the release of 2 new books for 40k called escalation & stronghold assault, with these GW is opening up the game even more & braking down barriers.

A funny thing about this game has always been the whole FW not legal in 40K games, now anybody who been playing GW games for a long time will know how much it has changed as a company.

When FW first started out it was treated more like a specialist game that GW did  & was not really seen as a part of 40k, you could use their stuff but you need your opponents permission, over the last couple of years that has been slowly changing.

First we got apocalypse with apart from the then new GW plastic baneblade superheavy tank all the other big stuff was made by FW GW then done the stompa, this was the first time where the to companies where coming together.

A long time ago Epic was how you played these big battles but why sell you a whole army for a couple of hundred quid when we can sell you one model for that amount ? we have since got apoc 2sd ed for which GW released another couple of big kits but I've a funny feeling this has not done as well as GW hoped.

So we are all most at the stage where its all the same, we first had 40k stamped next was you don't need permission to use FW models but you should explain how they work, which is something you should do even with GW models if the rules are in doubt or you think the other play is not to familiar with what your using.

GW has changed a lot over the years & the people running it now are first & for most business men & want to make money to do that they have to sell models, the best way to sale a model is if a player can use it in a normal game of 40k landing pad anyone, if as I suspect GW see a rise in the sale of these big bad boys (& I'll bet a pound to a penny that they will) then when 7th ed comes around expect to see another foc slot in the rule book.

These things are here to stay whether we like them or not, FW is now apart of the game whether we like it or not, you see GW wanted us to play apoc games all the time & we didn't so now GW is bring the mountain to Mohamed.

Thanks for dropping in & if like me some of your bigger toys have been getting dusty well its time to blow it off.

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