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Monday 2 September 2013

The most dangerous job in the 41st M

In a setting where all around there is death & destruction, it would seem that there is one job that is much more dangerous then all the others
That my friends is been a crew member of a vehicle, it matters not of which type it is for there is one thing for sure & that is if the vehicle is recked or destroyed if your a crew member then your dead.

Even power armour won't keep the crew alive

But does it always have to be that way ? eh no is the answer, in IA4 there is a mission called thunderhawk down which is about one player trying to rescue the survivors from a crashed thunderhawk among which are 4 crew members.
crew 3 crew that will die 3

This got me thinking of a fun little way to put a bit more dept ed into a game of 40k, I know in the older codices they would tell you the amount of crew under the vehicle entry I'm not sure if this is still the case, but if not you could find out other ways or just decide how many they are yourself.

A land raider maybe hard to destory but when you do there goes the crew
So how to make this work you ask ? well it's simple really, first find out how many crew we'll take a chimera which has a crew of 3, so we take the price of 3 ig's & add it to the price of the chimera, as these are crew members we'll say they are armed with laspistols.

a tank or a coffin
Now when one of your vehicles gets recked or destroyed treat the crew the very same way as you would any passengers, also if there are passengers have it that any surviving crew join the squad that where been transported, or that they have to join up with the nearest squad in there movement if they can if there was no passengers.

even in a flyer the passangers have some small hope

Well thats my bit on away to try to say thank you to the ones with the most dangerous job in 40k so if you feel like trying something completely different for a bit of fun in a game of 40k give the crew a change to live they'll thank you for it lol.
when this goes down theres no one coming out of it
Thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed this bit of nonsense.

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